Secure Risk Assessment

Our Security Risk Assessment brings an enterprise-level security audit to your business. By conducting a review of your current security practice, including password management, payment, employee or client information, we compile a list of gaps and vulnerabilities and how your business is mitigating these threats.
Our assessment provides a comprehensive report containing vulnerabilities, and recommendations to mitigate further risk. Often a Security Risk Assessment is also known as a security posture report, vulnerability test, risk audit, security audit.

Security Risk Assessment Includes:

  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Server & System Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Information Security Analysis
  • Application Scanning
  • Company Policies
  • Dark Web Analysis
  • Third-party Security Analysis

Empower Your Business Success

Clare Computer Solutions has offered IT services to businesses in the Bay Area for over 30 years. Driven by our passion for helping companies grow and succeed, we strive to understand your business requirements and provide a comprehensive, reliable, managed IT service specific to your unique needs.

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Identify Weak-Points

A security risk assessment will help you uncover areas of weakness in your business, across many different systems. Given the time and insight, you’ll have ample opportunities to account for these weaknesses and address them.

Preventing Damage

For many businesses, the biggest benefit is the opportunity to prevent potential damage. If you notice a security flaw before it’s exploited, you could prevent a data breach from happening, saving your company thousands or even millions of dollars in the process

Stay Updated

Security standards are always changing, and your business’s technologies and processes are likely changing as well. Conducting security risk assessments regularly allows you to keep up with these forms of evolution.

Maintain Compliance

Certain industries and types of businesses are required to comply with certain regulatory requirements with regard to privacy or security. A security risk assessment is necessary in these cases, to ensure you remain in compliance.

Our Assessment Model


First, we identify key areas that need greater exploration by probing systems, process, policies, and technology we will need to review further. Utilizing our standards to align you to best-in-class security.


Prioritizing these areas of risk and vulnerability, can highlight bad habits, flawed processes, or exposure that otherwise, leaves your business at risk. We uncover exploits in current technology, policy to build a complete strategy to secure the business.




Our security experts will work to mitigate the number of risks business is facing. Recommendations include modifying existing policies, updating old technology, or working to close security gaps.

 The following information is beneficial to our troubleshooting process.

If possible, please include this detail:

  1. A brief description of the issue or request, including the error message or a screenshot, if applicable
  2. Your computer Name (From the lower-right Windows system tray, right-click on the Clare icon and choose “System Information”
  3. The name of the individual affected by the issue, if not you.
  4. Your work location (Office, home, branch site, other)

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