Continuous Monitoring with a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Think about all the components of your network – data centers, databases, channels, applications, operating systems, devices, and so on. Trying to keep up with security in a piecemeal fashion is a lost cause, no matter the size of your operations. Your IT environment must be monitored equally, continuously, and in its entirety.  With a Security Operations Center (SOC), your organization will have a centralized command for monitoring the health of your entire IT infrastructure that detects, investigates, monitors, and responds to threats throughout your ecosystem.   By partnering with Clare Computer, our team of experts will take charge of protecting your most vital assets, from your systems and processes to the intellectual property that defines your brand. 


The Importance of Centralized Visibility 

Centralized visibility eliminates security siloes in the workplace, providing a view of the entire network. While a specific threat may appear to be an isolated incident, a centralized view will ensure that you know the full extent of the threat and confirm that it has been mitigated throughout your organization.  

Continuous Protection 

Clare Computer continuous protection services include continuous monitoring, detection, and response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With log management, data is constantly gathered, stored, processed, and analyzed to optimize security performance. Automated incident response is triggered as soon as a threat is detected, and root cause analytic tools get to the bottom of any perceived security threat to your organization. 

Continuous Monitoring and Protection
Threat Detection and Remediation

Threat & Asset Response 

Threat response goes well beyond initial identification, detection, and remediation. Your security operations will also pursue malicious actors and activity, no matter if it’s a direct, indirect, veiled, or conditional threat.   Asset response focuses on the potential target or victim of a malicious threat, whether it’s a tangible threat, such as hardware or a device, or intangible, such as data, patents, and intellectual property. 

Protect your company assets and mission-critical data from a security breach. 

Backup & Recovery 

If your organization is hit with an attack that does damage, your SOC is also there to help in recovery. This includes steps to handle acute malware and ransomware as well as ensuring that compromised or stolen assets are backed up to disk, tape, cloud services, or optical devices so they aren’t lost for good. 

Data Backup and Recovery
Compliance Monitoring

Policy & Security Standards Compliance 

An SOC keeps your organization in compliance with both your internal security policy and external security standards such as general data protection regulations and risk-based controls for the CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) triad. 

Reduced Costs with Outsourcing  

With all the security services provided by a Clare Computer SOC, your organization will realize cost savings on several fronts, including infrastructure, staff, monitoring, and quick response to threats.   By outsourcing your SOC to Clare Computer, we’ll help ensure quick response and remediation and help you realize substantial cost savings for incident detection and response services. 

SOC Outsourcing

Ensure Continuous Network Protection  

Get 24/7 protection and a central view of your entire organization with a Clare Computer Security Operations Center solution.