Security Awareness Training Paired
with Real-World Phishing Simulations

Training for employees to better understand trending attacks, techniques used, and how to recognize the slightest clues. Help stop data,loss, brand damage, and email fraud.

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2018 edition of the MSP 501, the IT channel’s largest and most comprehensive ranking of leading managed service provider(MSP) organizations worldwide.


CRN assembles the Managed Service Provider 500, an annual list that recognizes North American solution providers with cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services.


With the use of Clare Computer Solution’s Security Awareness Training, businesses receive highly-advanced, and always changing, educational materials, using automation technology that includes simulation-based training, and the implementation of continuous testing. To provide leadership powerful reporting showing direct value, and active incident response awareness.


By turning the tricks cybercriminals use back on themselves, though simulated phishing attacks that are constantly updated to better reflect the latest vulnerabilities common threats. These simulations are not limited to email, but also include voicemail, text message, and portable media attacks, like USB sticks. With each template you receive customized simulations for the best employee engagement.


Security Awareness Training provides more- advanced analytics and reporting tools that enable businesses to identify how effective your training is and how employees react to fully-controlled phishing attacks, sponsored by many businesses to utilize there “likeness.” As users interact with these attacks, businesses can identify threats in the defense, they never saw before.

Security Awareness Training: Don’t give hackers the edge by failing to execute day in and day out.

Defend Your Business Against Cyberattacks

Fight phishing and other devastating attacks that can slip through your security measures. As these attacks continue evolving in sophistication, designed to full employees, and putting businesses at risk of data loss, and embarrassing exposure. Begin transforming your employees from victims, into another layer of your security.

Only with our security awareness training, you safeguard your business from the latest attack techniques, and how to embed learning into your daily business processes with customized simulations that test and reinforce good behavior.

Defend Your Business Against Cyberattacks


Does the email evoke an emotion, such as concern, desire, or curiosity? We suspend disbelief when we experience emotion, and phishing emails use this against us.


What does the message want you to do? Click a link? Download an attachment? Do neither until you are confident of the message’s legitimacy.


Do you recognize the name, address, and domain? If not, be very suspicious?

With the use of Security Awareness Training, there is no recycling of the same old resources and testing. With content updates every month, with topics like training videos, email templates and more, will keep employees engaged, and interested. Each campaign is packed with new training videos, and templates, as well as informational landing pages, informing employees of these threats. Keeping your security awareness training relevant, fresh, and on-topic.

Stop piecing together content and curriculum, with lures to landing pages, followed by industry-standard methodologies and best practices to compliment your business. Provide your employees a fully-integrated, social-engineering and simulation solution to save your business time, and money.

The Right Training & Education Delivered to Your Employees

With Clare Computer Solution’s, unique delivery of Security Awareness Training, begin to safeguard your data, while turning your employees into a vigilant layer in your security defenses, begin your phishing campaigns todays. Through this solution, your employees will know how to spot, avoid and report real-world attacks. Helping businesses limit the time it takes to start training programs. Say goodbye to content creation, and one-time test taking programs.

  • Educate employees about how to safeguard data and protect company resources

  • Reduce training and awareness costs as you streamline delivery

  • Increase the technical expertise of your staff

  • Train users to identify and avoid risks

  • Improve the effectiveness of training employees

  • Online Reporting & Progress Tracking
  • Email Notifications & Reminders
  • Certificates & Multi-lingual support
  • Assist Compliance & Regulatory Requirements
  • Track, document, and report the impact of your program