OS and Patch Management Ensure Network Reliability

Updates to your company’s operating system (OS), along with patches, are a necessary part of keeping your network, processes, and systems safe and secure. Version upgrades, service packs, new drivers, security updates – they all are high-priority needs that are critical to the health and reliability of your entire digital ecosystem.  

However, just because a new update is available doesn’t mean the best course of action is to immediately install. There are a number of factors to consider with how the release of a new OS can affect your business. 

Clare Computer is here to walk you through all the choices and steps to transition to a new OS across the entire organization. Our Managed IT Services will map out your upgrade strategy and operate as your strategic partner. 

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Strategic Planning for Upgrades and Patches

When you partner with Clare Computer, everything begins with a plan. Updating the OS across the entire organization is no small feat, and there will be troubleshooting and adjustments to be made along the way. 

We first present a strategic plan to map out each step of the update to help ensure a smooth transition for all employees and departments.

Inventory of Your Production Systems 

This is our first step when preparing for upgrades to your OS. Before any work begins, it’s imperative to get an informed view of your operating systems, version types, and IP addresses. We’ll also want to make a full list of your security controls, including your antivirus solutions, firewalls, and vulnerability management tools. 

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Get expert advice and guidance on OS upgrades, updates, and patches. Reach out to us. 

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The Importance of Uniformity   

Once we move beyond the testing phase, the rest of the organization will need to be updated at the same time. If the upgrade is done piecemeal, with some on the new OS and others not, there will be issues with sharing files between the different OSs. There may also be more security issues, and if there’s an issue with some applications not working after the update, you may be doing the same work twice once the stragglers transition to the new OS.

The Challenge of Remote Workers   

There is a choice when it comes to a remote workforce, as updates can be installed automatically or manually. Both present certain issues. If you opt for automatic installation, everything will be installed at once, but there is often troubleshooting to be done related to interface difficulties, compatibility issues with home devices, and security vulnerabilities.

If your organization opts for manual installation, you must remember to check for updates at least monthly, especially when it comes to firmware updates and security patches. Regardless of which method you choose, Clare Computer will be there to smooth out any rough spots.

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Patch Management 

Patches are one of the most useful tools for keeping your network ecosystem healthy. Whenever a vulnerability or issue is found within your network, OS, embedded systems, or applications, a patch is your go-to remedy.

Patches are used to fix bugs, improve system uptime, fill in security holes, and make improvements to your systems and automations. Whenever a vulnerability is found after installation and through the lifetime of your current OS, a patch will most likely solve the issue.

Maintaining Compliances

Every organization needs to be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to their industry and stay up to date with any changes, as failure in compliances can cost a business time, money, and brand perception.

At Clare Computer, we’ll review all your compliance and security features, keeping you up to date with any changes in rules and regulations. We’ll identify the specific security and compliance needs you have, implement the new policies, manage your software and procedures to keep you compliant, and provide reports and audits so you always know where you stand.


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Ready to Upgrade Your OS and Processes? 

Clare Computer is ready to get you safely set up with our management services for the installation and troubleshooting of your new OS.