Keep Operational Costs Down with Onshore Managed IT Services

If your organization is looking for a way to bolster services while keeping operational costs down, Clare Computer offers onshore managed IT services every day of the year. For a competitive price, our onshore services reduce in-house management costs while providing regional partners that can solve a wide range of technical issues.  

While some companies choose to offshore their IT, that can create a slew of new challenges, including security and communication challenges, which tend to lead to worker frustration. Additionally, the difference in time zones can complicate quick responses, and cultural and language barriers may need to be overcome between the organizations. 

With Clare Computer, you’ll have a trusted, proven team of experts available 24/7 to keep your front and back-office activities running smoothly and freeing staff to focus on the core aspects of your business. 


IT Systems Management

IT systems management services include the monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of all your computer-related activities. Clare Computer will oversee the planning and strategy of your processes and services, along with the installation and monitoring of both your hardware and software to keep the components of your network in tip-top shape.  

Clare Computer also implements OS upgrades throughout your organization, including the administration and implementation of security or network patches as soon as issues are detected. 

Business Process Automation

Automations are key to saving both time and money in the workplace, as well as freeing up employee time to focus energy on ROI-generating activities. We’ll work with you to identify the processes that can be better served through automation and put the software and bots in place to handle tedious tasks, such as employee onboarding, transcript requests, purchase orders, invoice processing, work orders, and more. 


We’ll work with you to create a custom onshore managed services package that fits your needs. 


Network Security   

Clare Computer offers a wide range of onshore security solutions, covering everything from your systems and processes to your hardware and devices. Our security platform detects intrusion attempts and blocks viruses and spam. We manage firewalls, implement patches for bugs, and manage vulnerabilities. We also manage devices and will set up a virtual private network (VPN) for your organization, adding another level of security to keep your data safe from external access attempts. 

Hardware Support 

In addition to network security, Clare Computer onshore managed IT services include hardware support. Beyond digital threats, we will install, repair, and maintain company computers, laptops, work stations, printers, servers, hard disks, and other storage hardware.

digital threat
automating compliance

Automated Solutions for Compliance 

By utilizing data and automating processes related to compliances, Clare Computer will keep you in the good graces of insurance providers and suppliers with regulations that pertain to your organization, including regulatory, data, health, safety, and HR compliances. Our solutions will take out the manual task work of data collection, processing, assessment, and reporting often left to human workers, leading to a drastic decrease in errors and employee time spent completing the necessary tasks. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery 

The bottom line is that many organizations do not have an efficient solution in place in case of an emergency, whether it’s a hack on your systems or losing power due to environmental events.  

Clare Computer works with team leaders to create a thorough disaster recovery plan customized to your business. From backing up data off-site, being able to keep systems online from a remote location, and determining the steps and actions needed to get you back up to full speed, we’re there 24/7 to address, mitigate, and repair any damage done by an unexpected event. 

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24/7 Remote Support

Our full coverage every day of the year isn’t limited to disaster recovery. Our help desk is available whenever you need them, whether that’s 3 am or 3 pm. We take pride in our track record of easy sailing for our remote clients.

We’re obsessive about solving any issue in the fastest time possible, from cloud services, networking, systems, security, routing, and especially your business continuity. 

Trust Your Onshore Managed IT Services to Clare Computer

We’ll keep your entire ecosystem safe and secure while implementing cost and time-saving solutions for the financial growth of your business.