Secure and Control Enterprise Applications and User Devices

Traditionally, IT departments relied on mobile device management (MDM) software, which provides device activation, device enrollment and provisioning capabilities, remote wipe, and other device-level functionality. Mobile application management (MAM) provides IT administrators with a more granular way to control and secure corporate data, which is important in any mobile strategy, particularly in bring your own device (BYOD) programs. 

Mobile App Management with Clare Computer Solutions 

Clare Computer Solutions can provide your company with mobile application management (MAM) software that secures and enables IT control over enterprise applications on end users corporate and personal devices. MAM software allows IT administrators to apply and enforce corporate policies on mobile apps and limit the sharing of corporate data among apps. MAM also empowers companies to separate business apps and data from personal content on the same device. 

With MAM, you can: 

  • Set rules and configure settings on personal and organization-owned devices for accessing data and networks 
  • Deploy and authenticate apps on devices whether on-premises or mobile 
  • Protect your company information by controlling the way users access and share information 
  • Be sure devices and apps are compliant with your security requirements

We can identify vulnerabilities in your network and provide recommendations to improve your IT security.

Mobile Device Management

In Mobile Device Management (MDM), your company manages devices using an approach that’s right for you. For organization-owned devices, you may want full control over the devices, including settings, features, and security. In this approach, employee and users of these devices “enroll” for use. Once enrolled, employees receive your rules and settings through policies we’ve helped you develop and configure. For many, this provides the ability to enforce password and PIN requirements, create a VPN connection, set up threat protection, and more.  For personal devices or bring-your-own devices (BYOD), employees may not want organization administrators to have full control of their devices. If employees only wish to access email or collaboration tools, then use app protection policies that require multi-factor authentication (MFA) to use these apps.  When devices are enrolled, managed administrators can: 

  • See devices enrolled and inventory devices accessing organization resources 
  • Configure devices to meet security and health standards 
  • See reports on users and devices compliance 
  • Remove organization data if a device is lost, stolen, or out of use
Mobile app Management

Mobile Application Management 

Mobile application management (MAM) is designed to protect organization data at the application level, including custom apps and store apps. Application management can be used on organization-owned devices and personal devices.  As employees sign into a device with their company credentials, the organization can identify and allow access to data that is denied to their personal identity. As that data is used, app protection policies will control how the data is saved and shared. IT has control of organization data, while end users maintain control and privacy over their personal data.  When apps are managed, administrators can: 

  • Add or assign mobile apps to user and device groups 
  • Configure apps to start/run specific enabled settings and update existing settings 
  • See reports on which apps are used and track their usage 
  • Selectively wipe data by removing only organization data from apps 

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