Defend Against Malware and Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a form of malware that threat actors use to encrypt the information on a computer system, keeping companies from accessing their own data. The hackers then demand payment in exchange for releasing the information they are holding for ransom back to the owner. Hackers commonly use email phishing, remote desktop protocol vulnerabilities, and software vulnerabilities to gain access to networks and deploy ransomware software.   
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Ransomware specifically relies on encrypting systems and data as an attack vector. Many of today’s ransomware variants target the victim’s ability to recover encrypted data by destroying the “shadow copies” created by your operating system (OS). Data recovery operations and the OS itself use these copies when recovering from critical system failure.  

Automatic Response and Mitigation 

NetCentral is the only solution that provides full Endpoint Protection (EPP) as well as EDR in a unified platform. NetCentral offers detection, prevention, and response as a true replacement for all endpoint security products, including traditional antivirus. 

Malware and Ransomware Protection with Clare Computer Solutions

Clare Computer Solutions offers NetCentral for comprehensive malware and ransomware protection that prevents and defends against attacks. When your company partners with Clare Computer, you benefit from 

Real-Time Behavioral Detection 

NetCentral is focused on real-time execution rather than static markers for threat detection. This Endpoint Detect & Response (EDR) monitors the processes of all endpoints, adding context to every process and predicting advanced and hidden ransomware attacks based on the execution behavior of the suspicious software.  

Predictive Execution Inspection

At Clare Computer, we detect and respond to what is happening on your endpoints as it happens. Unlike static filtering that analyzes files and consistent elements of ransomware, NetCentral’s EDR monitors the execution of all suspicious software, including memory and script-based ransomware. This allows NetCentral to protect against extremely advanced ransomware with or without indicators of compromise. 

Kernel-Space Operation 

NetCentral performs the protection, detection, and response with an extremely small footprint on your systems. NetCentral provides protection for each vector while remaining tamper resistant to ransomware that tries to evade or disable your device.  

We can identify vulnerabilities in your network and provide recommendations to improve your IT security.

Claire Computer Solutions offers Ransomware Support in San Ramon.

Ransomware Protection Training  

To prevent ransomware attacks from succeeding, Clare Computer will also provide your employees with security awareness training on the following topics: 

  • Strong passwords 
  • Implementing a schedule for changing passwords 
  • Using a VPN for browsing 
  • How to recognize insecure websites 
  • Password protection on mobile devices 
  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Data backup and recovery 
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