How Clare Computer Solutions Helped a Leading Worker’s Rights Group in California Create a Culture of Security

The Challenge

The risk landscape is continually changing, and organizations like a leading worker’s rights group in California must evolve to keep up with the pace of change. Ransomware continues to present a major threat as attacks increase in sophistication, so companies must have the right tools to get back up and running quickly. 

As a state-wide organization with many affiliates, the prominent worker’s rights group in California has a high level of visibility, making it the potential target for all kinds of attacks. The worker’s rights group got a lot of suspicious emails and needed its employees and affiliates to be able to identify and avoid them. Employees can be a vulnerability for all businesses, and the worker’s rights group must fulfill its mission while protecting employees. 

The Solution

The leading worker’s rights group in California is an innovative organization that likes to do things that are at the cutting edge of industry best practices. That spirit made the organization open to revamping its approach to security. 

The prominent worker’s rights group in California and Clare Computer Solutions have partnered with each other for 5 years. When the worker’s rights group’s in-house IT personnel retired, the organization switched over to Clare Computer as a managed service provider (MSP). Clare has been a trusted partner to the worker’s rights group as it has grown. Even before the workfromhome mandate, Clare helped the organization seamlessly and securely transition to a remote workforce overnight. Recently, Clare Computer converted the leading worker’s rights group to a NetCentral managed complete services agreement. 

With Clare Computer’s help, the prominent worker’s rights group was able to develop cybersecurity curriculums and set up formal security training. Clare Computer crafted a multi-tiered approach to security for the worker’s rights group, leveraging multiple tools to fight threats such as phishing emails, hacking, and website-born threats. Instead of trying to push a particular solution, Clare Computer defined what the organization was using to figure out the right strategy. 

The first cybersecurity training occurred a year before COVID. Training included informative emails and videos on what to look for to identify phishing attempts, as well as one-on-one sessions.

In addition to the security strategy, Clare is helping the leading worker’s rights group in California update all its equipment, creating a 5-year cycle, which makes it more affordable to stay current. Now, the worker’s rights group knows which machines need to be updated and turned off ahead of time.  

“With Clare, we’re not just a number. They are there. They know us.”

–Director of Finance and Administration

The Benefits

With Clare Computer’s help, the leading worker’s rights group in California has created a security-first culture at the organization. The worker’s rights group has become one of the largest adopters of partner and affiliate security awareness education. The organization has leveraged end-user education to bring employees into the frontlines of defense to avoid major incidents. Now, employees and affiliates are quick to question suspicious emails. 

The prominent worker’s rights group has developed a Zero Trust approach to security: never trust, always verify. Clare Computer was impressed with the worker’s rights group’s ability to turn the ship, providing a beacon for its affiliates. With Clare Computer’s help, the group ran its first external training 2 years ago and was conducting internal training well before that. 

For organizations like the worker’s rights group that don’t have an in-house team, Clare Computer becomes that team. The leading worker’s rights group knows Clare Computer is always backing the organization up and looking out for it. Clare Computer will call the group to alert it of any problems no matter what day or time one emerges. 

Every company that provides tools for remote work must deal with security. Clare Computer mediates between the worker’s rights group and these companies. 

The leading worker’s rights group in California is getting ready to move offices, and Clare Computer will be there with them every step of the way. Before the worker’s rights group made an offer, Clare Computer pointed out opportunities to do some things related to physical and cloud-based security that it has wanted to get to all along. 

About the Leading Worker’s Rights Group in California

The leading worker’s rights group in California is made up of more than 1,200 unions, representing 2.1 million union members in manufacturing, retail, construction, hospitality, public sector, health care, entertainment, and other industries. The prominent worker’s rights group is dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of working people and their families for the betterment of California’s communities. From legislative campaigns to grassroots organizing, its affiliates are actively engaged in every aspect of California’s economy and government. 


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