Email Threat Protection for Advanced Attacks 

If you want to find the leading threat vector in cybersecurity, just open your inbox. In 2021, the FBI reported that phishing and email scams were the most common of all cybercrimes, tallying over a $44 million loss for its collective victims.  

With our email security platform, Clare Computer protects your organization and employees from advanced email threats, including malware and email fraud. We help your organization respond fast to attacks and provide actionable insights so you can better understand the nature of email risks. 

East Bay Cybersecurity Services
East Bay Cybersecurity Services

Email Threat Protection Tools 

No matter what email platform and devices your workforce uses, Clare Computer email threat protection tools have you covered, protecting your employees from email fraud, scams, and threats. 

Email Fraud Protection 

Protect your business reputation with Clare Computer email fraud protection. As email threats are always evolving, we utilize advanced machine learning technology and artificial intelligence to accurately classify imposters and phishing emails, malware, spam, and more, providing complete protection by authenticating all senders without blocking your legitimate email. Additionally, with NetCentral Managed Solutions included in our security solutions, email fraud protection tools quickly identify your suppliers and uncover any potential risks to your organization. 

East Bay Cybersecurity Services
East Bay Cybersecurity Services

Advanced Email Defense

To combat sophisticated email threats, detection techniques need to be able to continually evolve to protect against new attacks. Clare Computer advanced email defense helps ensure that business emails are kept private and protected from a wide variety of email fraud, including payment redirect, reply-to pivots, malicious IPs, impersonated supplier domains, and supplier invoicing fraud from compromised accounts. 

How vulnerable is your company to advanced email threats? Find out.

Advanced Threat Protection

Clare Computer advanced threat protection detects emails with malicious URLs or attachments. It also analyzes emails with multilayered content and performs reputation analysis and sandboxing for suspicious senders. 

With these tools, malicious URLs and attachments are detected to prevent the weaponization of threats after delivery. Phishing emails containing poisoned URLs are removed along with unwanted emails from internal accounts that have been compromised. 

East Bay Cybersecurity Services
East Bay Cybersecurity Services

Unmatched Risk Visibility 

Identify and have full visibility into target attacks and employee attack surfaces so that you know who’s posing a risk to your organization. Risk visibility adaptive controls provide an executive summary dashboard, so you can see forensic details of emails and get actionable insights for prioritizing risks. 

Email Continuity 

Email downtime can be a significant hit to worker productivity. With Clare Computer enterprise continuity, your organization can ensure email is always available to your workforce, business partners, and customers, even if your company email is down. 

East Bay Cybersecurity Services

Strengthen Your Defenses Against Email Attacks 

Our email threat protection solutions can safeguard your company and employees from malicious attacks.