Would Your Cybersecurity Approach Hold Strong?

When it comes to Cybersecurity Services, perhaps the single greatest mistake made is in thinking technology and information security can be achieved by checking all the boxes. Proactive IT or Cybersecurity requires tools, awareness, continuous monitoring, and management. As your trusted partner, you can leverage any number of our services or solutions, to combine the best of breed tools with the investments you already use. Compound this with the expertise needed to educate internal staff on the risks and dangers associated with network security and how to effectively protect your business as needed.

Our suite of Cybersecurity Services offers the perfect balance of safety and protection, without being too intrusive while you are working. This allows companies to leverage compliance standards with greater agility, as they fluctuate with the market. Stopping thousands of advanced persistent threats per month, comes down to using the right tools, and each of our best-in-class IT security solutions offers industry-leading availability, and mitigation, so you never have a lapse in your Managed Security Services.

Proactive IT Support begins with educating and training, clients on the latest trends in the Cybersecurity industry. By offering education training, and seminars, we continue informing clients of our latest Ransomware encounters, industry data-breaches, phishing scams, and more.

Begin to educate yourself on vulnerabilities, seen in many of today’s networks.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Management
  • CISO (information security officer) as a Service
  • Antivirus & Malware Defenses
  • Next-generation Firewalls & Intrusion Detection
  • Technology Compliance
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Phishing Training & Testing
  • Documentation Audit
  • Security Awareness Training

Spot a Phishing Attempt


Notice the clearly fake, username from an unknown MSN Hotmail Account


Any professional business will tell you, the best way to be caught in a SPAM trap, is by using all capitals. Typically, phishing scams will utilize some over-whelming amount of fear, to force a victim’s hand. Also take note, the lack of grammar, and spelling through the entire message, clearly not from Microsoft.


Typically, messages like this will have some level of personalization, in this phishing email, you can see a general “Email User” salutation, not something warm and fuzzy, typical of Microsoft.


Continued through-out this messaging, we can see poor grammar and a lack of purpose. This message tells us everything is going to be deleted from our account, yet it’s asking us for an update so you “don’t lose access to the latest tools in conversation.”


How often would you expect “Outlook Warning! Member Service” to be emailing your CTO, or IT Manager? As a trusted Microsoft Partner, they would never give someone such a ridiculous title, nor would they forget to address the email from a live human.

What Our Clients Are Saying
About Our Services

“Conducting business in an era where technology is advancing so quickly and in which we are becoming more and more dependent on it, we are appreciative of a partner who has the knowledge and vision to assist us in keeping our IT systems current and in service and do so, at a budget-friendly price.”

“Clare Computer Solutions’ Ransomware prevention training was extremely valuable! We saw the benefits of the training right away. Because of there help, we were able to spot threats, and avoid potentially dangerous phishing attempts as a result!”

“I realized that I needed on-going computer support for my systems after several virus & malware infections.  Not only did Clare Computer’s Security Service fix our existing computer problems, with their managed services tools they are able to spot problems before they start.  I no longer have to worry about our computers and can spend more time doing what’s important… Growing my business!”

NetCentral is a huge relief for us. Having that sense that, no matter what happens, Clare will be there for us. It’s an amazing experience – even people who don’t work with computers at JFCSEB are aware of the positive effect that Clare Computer Solution’s security service has brought to our organization! From the Account Manager to the Clare engineers, to the people that answer the phones – we know the whole company is there for us.”