Managed Cybersecurity Services for Technology Industries

From the East Bay to Silicon Valley and San Jose, Clare Computer Solutions is the go-to solution for Managed Cybersecurity Solutions in technology industries. With over 30 years of experience in the Bay Area, we’ve continually outpaced our competitors in advancing the safety of our technology clients.  

As a top managed security service provider, Clare Computer ensures that our cybersecurity services are proactive and forward thinking. We don’t just protect against today but also whatever future attacks are coming down the pike, whether that’s next week, next month, next year, or next decade.

Keep your organization from falling into this false sense of security. Consult with a Clare Computer cybersecurity specialist today!

East Bay Cybersecurity Services

The State of Managed Cybersecurity Services

According to Security Magazine, ransomware attacks rose by 92.7% in the last year alone, with approximately 2,690 attacks total. Yet, the single greatest mistake organizations still make is in thinking that technology and information security involve a “check the threat” box approach.

Cybersecurity doesn’t just extend to big tech. Our research shows that 1 in 5 small businesses will suffer a cyber breach this year.

81% of these breaches will happen to small-to-medium sized businesses

97% of these breaches could have been prevented with today’s technology.

Keep your organization from falling into this false sense of security. Consult with a Clare Computer cybersecurity specialist today!

Clare Computer’s Best Practices Against Cyberthreats

What is your organization up against as far as cybersecurity is concerned? Often, it can feel like an unlimited number of threats. Clare Computer has all the tools you need for full protection.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is the de facto home for information that can damage your business. Our Dark Web Monitoring tools scan for any data related to your organization, providing time to either fully prevent or strongly limit the damage from a data breach and further protect your business against any stolen credentials that have been posted for sale.

Threat Analysis

Threat analytics analysis involves scanning your entire ecosystem for vulnerabilities to real-world cyberthreats. This is done through vulnerability testing within your network and providing a risk assessment against current real-world dangers.

Mobile Application Management

Today’s cybercriminals are adept at stealing data or accessing your organization’s network through your employees’ mobile devices. With mobile application management, your organization gains granular controls at the application level to enforce corporate policies and limit the sharing of sensitive data.

Remote workforce password security
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Security Awareness Training

We provide continual data security training to your employees through web-based training solutions and “done for you” managed security services. Employees gain the tools and awareness they need to recognize the following threats to prevent the sharing of network login details and other sensitive company information:

  • spam email
  • spam texts
  • fraudulent social accounts

Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced endpoint security through Clare Computer protects your data from malware, viruses, and cyberattacks. Our newest endpoint technology replaces any outdated antivirus solutions to provide added protection against file-less and script-based threats, including rolling back ransomware attacks.

Cloud-based Security

Internet security is a race against time. With cloud-based security through Clare Computer, we detect web and email threats as they emerge on the internet, blocking them on your network before they can reach a user.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether you’re backing up locally or to the cloud, backups of data should happen regularly, including an offline backup every month. Clare Computer will help with both backup and disaster recovery plans and ensure that all backup systems are working properly.

Cybersecurity Audits

Get a comprehensive review and analysis of your entire digital infrastructure, exposing any weaknesses to cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and risky practices that could lead to compliance issues and fines.

Vulnerability Assessments

In addition to uncovering any vulnerabilities to your network, this assessment assigns a severity level to every vulnerability while also providing recommendations for mitigation.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing on your network and systems simulates a cyberattack to help uncover vulnerabilities, such as the ability to gain access to systems and applications, and maintain that access to manipulate access privileges, intercept network traffic, and steal data.

Security Gap Analysis

Not being in regulation with governance compliances and certifications can cost your organization in terms of fines and the ability to perform normal business activities. A Security Gap Analysis will check all your organization’s security measures, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance.

Cyber Forensic Support

The purpose of cyber forensic support is to recover data from a device within legal compliance guidelines, so the information gained will be admissible in legal proceedings. Cyber Forensics are also used to gather data from failed drives or a crashed server.

Security Assessments

It is important to establish a baseline to see how your organization compares to industry practices. Our expert-led cybersecurity assessment covers the following:

multi-factor authentication


data privacy

computer updates


security incidents

security event management

Don’t End up on the List of Data Breach Victims

Learn how Clare Computer’s managed cybersecurity services will help your organization avoid costly security mistakes and prevent data breaches and hacks.