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& Business Data

When it comes to Cybersecurity Services, perhaps the single greatest mistake made is in thinking technology and information security can be achieved by checking all the boxes. Proactive IT or Cybersecurity requires tools, awareness, continuous monitoring, and management. As our trusted partner, you can leverage any number of our services or solutions to combine the best-of-breed tools with the investments you already use. Compound this with the expertise needed to educate internal staff on the risks and dangers associated with network security and how to effectively protect your business as needed.

Proactive IT Support begins with educating and training clients on the latest trends in the Cybersecurity industry. By offering education training and seminars, we continue informing clients of our latest Ransomware encounters, industry data breaches, phishing scams, and more. Begin to educate yourself on vulnerabilities, seen in many of today’s networks.

NetCentral Secure Services

  • Dark web vulnerability monitoring & reporting
  • Annual vulnerability assessments to identify security gaps
  • Quarterly reviews to assess and discuss security performance
  • Mobile application management separates mobile device work data from personal files
  • Advanced threat analytics to detect and record illegitimate activity
  • Security alert reviews, notification, and action by the CCS Security Operations Center
  • Unauthorized activity containment and shut down after detection
  • Recovery of compromised systems and data
  • Cybersecurity audit support

Empower Your Business Success

Clare Computer Solutions has offered IT services to businesses in the Bay Area for over 30 years. Driven by our passion for helping companies grow and succeed, we strive to understand your business requirements and provide a comprehensive, reliable, managed IT service specific to your unique needs.

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Top Business Concerns for Cybersecurity
Our innovative IT experts will help navigate these vulnerabilities companies face every day.


Protect your network against the mounting threat of ransomware. Prevent hackers from installing malicious scripts and payloads to your machines.


Educate employees to spot and stop the spread of phishing attempts. Turn employees from a common threat vector to the first line of defense.

Security Policy & Compliance

Create a culture of cybersecurity by protecting your business with system or group management policies specific to your business environment and needs.

Disaster-Proof Recovery Plans

Many attacks seen today target a business’s means to recover first. Once your backup or disaster recovery solution is hit, it may no longer be recoverable.

Data Leaks & Breaches

Leaks and breaches are regularly sold on the Dark Web, allowing those who purchase them an easy way into your business network.

Managed IT cyber security services and solutions

Managed IT Security Services

Halt the impact of cyberattacks on endpoints and servers with one platform to deliver the defense your business needs to prevent, detect, and even undo cyberattacks. With NetCentral Secure, our Managed Security Service tools, we can begin bridging the gap between network vulnerabilities and threat management.

Our suite of Cybersecurity Services offers the perfect balance of safety and protection without being too intrusive while you are working. This allows companies to leverage compliance standards with greater agility as they fluctuate with the market. Stopping thousands of advanced persistent threats per month comes down to using the right tools, and each of our best-in-class IT security solutions offers industry-leading availability and mitigation so you never have a lapse in your Managed Security Services.

Don’t End Up on the List of Data Breach Victims

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  1. A brief description of the issue or request, including the error message or a screenshot, if applicable
  2. Your computer Name (From the lower-right Windows system tray, right-click on the Clare icon and choose “System Information”
  3. The name of the individual affected by the issue, if not you.
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“By engaging with Clare Computer we are able to handle more projects by utilizing their highly qualified and friendly staff of engineers and IT professionals to accomplish our end goals. It is like having a larger staff at the ready without all of the overhead that comes with employee expansion.”

Chuck H.


“Because our business involves large amounts of sensitive customer information, we must be vigilant with protecting against cyber-threats. With our previous IT support we struggled with uptime issues, system reliability, and outdated security practices that left a potential open door for attackers.”

Tony B.


“As our business and team of accountants expanded, we simply outgrew our previous IT support. The team at Clare Computer Solutions is really responsive! When I email an IT question, they get back to me quickly, without fail. It gives me peace of mind so I can move on and forget it, knowing that they have my best business interests at heart!”

Robert G.


“Clare Computer Solutions is much more than our IT vendor, they are a true enabling partner! We are a rapidly growing logistics business that requires reliable, secure technology to empower our operational efficiency. For the last 13 years, they have delivered!”

Jeff T.