Providing Security Operations Center Services

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized unit that deals with security issues on an organizational and technical level. The SOC comprises the three building blocks for managing and enhancing an organization’s security posture: people, processes, and technology.

At Clare Computer Solutions, we understand that most companies don’t have the resources to build and staff their own SOC. That’s why we offer Cybersecurity Management & Alerting.

East Bay Cybersecurity Services
East Bay Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Management & Alerting With Clare Computer

Clare Computer will serve as your company’s SOC. We provide Cybersecurity Management & Alerting services, which include:

  • Asset discovery and management
  • Continuous behavioral monitoring
  • Activity logging
  • Alert severity ranking
  • Defense development and evolution
  • Incident recovery
  • Compliance maintenance

Asset discovery and management involves obtaining a high awareness of all tools, software, hardware, and technologies used within the organization. These services also focus on ensuring all assets are working properly and are regularly patched and updated.

We can evaluate your current security strategy and recommend next steps for improvement.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring & Alerting

Clare Computer conducts continuous behavioral monitoring which includes examining all your systems 24/7 year-round. This enables our SOC to place equal weight on reactive and proactive measures as we instantly detect any irregularity in activity. Behavioral models train data collection systems on what activities are suspicious and can be used to adjust information that might register as false positives.

All communications and activity across an organization are logged by the SOC. By keeping activity logs, our SOC team members can help you backtrack or pinpoint previous actions that may have resulted in a breach.

Alert severity ranking helps the Clare Computer team ensure the most severe or pressing alerts are handled first. We regularly rank cybersecurity threats in terms of potential damage.

Defense development and evolution helps our SOC team stay up to date. We create an Incident Response Plan (IRP) to defend systems against new and old attacks and adjust the plan as necessary when new information is obtained.

East Bay Cybersecurity Services

Incident recovery enables your organization to recover compromised data. This includes reconfiguring, updating, or backing up systems.

Clare Computer uses compliance maintenance to ensure SOC team members and your company follow regulatory and organizational standards when carrying out business plans. Typically, one team member oversees educating and enforcing compliance.

Get Tips on Protecting Your Company From a Cyberattack

Our infographic provides a checklist your company can use to better protect itself from threats.