Take Your Business
to the Cloud

In today’s competitive landscape, cloud computing managed services can bring the speed, flexibility, and cost-savings your business demands as a market differentiator. Due to the complexity of these environments and business-critical workloads, migrating company data or infrastructure to a new environment can be challenging for most companies.

With so much variation, from private to public and hybrid clouds, Clare Computer Solutions assists you with developing a successful strategy for rapid cloud adoption or optimizing applications and deliverables. All of this can be done while safely monitoring, managing, and running workloads. Our experienced team of certified cloud experts delivers the strategic and technical expertise you need to help leverage cloud computing to innovate, accelerate, and deliver a competitive advantage to your business.


Cloud Computing & Virtual Services

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Offsite Data Storage & Co-Location
  • Virtual Desktop (VDI) Services
  • Remote Application Delivery
  • Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Backup

Empower Your Business Success

Clare Computer Solutions has offered IT services to businesses in the Bay Area for over 30 years. Driven by our passion for helping companies grow and succeed, we strive to understand your business requirements and provide a comprehensive, reliable, managed IT service specific to your unique needs.

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Security in the Cloud

Once used for its fluid distribution of applications or user accounts across multiple data centers, Cloud Computing requires your business to take a new approach to security, focusing on the network perimeter level, data security, risk management, and audits. In addition to our proactive approach to security management, we limit your security burden with focused engineering and fine-tuning to assist companies in securing on-premises or hybrid-cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365.



Five Critical Considerations for Cloud
Our innovative IT experts will help you navigate these decisions for your specific business needs and environment.

Identify And Implement

Begin looking at your options for cloud vendors, look to define what type of cloud is needed (Public/Hybrid/Private) for the future of your business. What do you want the cloud’s function to be?

Cost Barriers

Cloud computing offers options for businesses with user counts that fluctuate. Weigh your options between fixed and variable cloud costs. Does it make sense for your business and technology?

Performance and Availability

Your cloud is only as fast as your internet connection. Does your Internet bandwidth match or exceed the bandwidth needed for these servers and applications? Will your systems need constant availability?

Security and Protection

It’s become essential to always back up and plan for the event of a crash or loss of access. Ensure a safe cloud environment, always control access to data and protect the systems that store it.

Compliance and Regulations

Always enforce compliance requirements and ensure your cloud provider uses a confidentiality clause. Perform regular updates to staff permissions and access rights.

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“By engaging with Clare Computer, we are able to handle more projects by utilizing their highly qualified and friendly staff of engineers and IT professionals to accomplish our end goals. It is like having a larger staff at the ready without all the overhead that comes with employee expansion.”

Chuck H.


“Because our business involves large amounts of sensitive customer information, we must be vigilant with protecting against cyber-threats. With our previous IT support, we struggled with uptime issues, system reliability, and outdated security practices that left a potential open door for attackers.”

Tony B.


“As our business and team of accountants expanded, we simply outgrew our previous IT support. The team at Clare Computer Solutions is really responsive! When I email an IT question, they get back to me quickly, without fail. It gives me peace of mind, so I can move on and forget it, knowing that they have my best business interests at heart!”

Robert G.


“Clare Computer Solutions is much more than our IT vendor, they are a true enabling partner! We are a rapidly growing logistics business that requires reliable, secure technology to empower our operational efficiency. For the last 13 years, they have delivered!”

Jeff T.