Migrating your technology to the cloud requires care and consideration from a seasoned team of professionals willing to hear your business needs.

In today’s competitive landscape, cloud computing can bring the speed, flexibility, and cost-savings your business demands as a market differentiator. Due to the complexity of these environments and business-critical workloads, migrating company data or infrastructure to a new environment can be challenging for most companies.

With so much variation, from private to public and hybrid clouds, Clare Computer Solutions assists you with developing a successful strategy for rapid cloud adoption or to optimize applications and deliverables. All of this can be done, while safely monitoring, managing, and running workloads.

Our experienced team of certified cloud experts delivers the strategic and technical expertise you need to help leverage cloud computing to innovate, accelerate, and deliver a competitive advantage to your business.

  • Hybrid & Private clouds
  • Managed Dedicated Servers
  • Hosting Infrastructure Consulting
  • Datacenter & Disaster Recovery Design
  • Server Consolidation
  • Tier 4 Datacenter
  • 24-hour Staffed Facility
  • Redundant Backbone Connectivity
  • Redundant LAN Infrastructure
  • 999% Operating Uptime

Security in the Cloud

Once used for its fluid distribution of applications or user-accounts across multiple data centers, Cloud Computing requires your business to take a new approach to security at the network perimeter level and more on data security, risk management, or audits.

Cloud computing has become increasingly more difficult to protect than ever before; it’s crucial to your security to develop a clear understanding of what cloud IT services your business needs. Clare Computer Solutions helps you take a programmatic approach to your security planning, performing a comprehensive risk analysis to establish the security requirements for all your impacted data, processes, and applications.

In addition to our proactive approach to security management, we limit your security burden, with focused engineering and fine-tuning to assist companies in securing on-premises or hybrid-cloud applications, like Microsoft Office365.