How Clare Computer Solutions Helped BHC Law Group Transform Challenges Into IT Excellence

The Challenge

BHC Law Group is familiar with ever-increasing cybersecurity risks. As a result of recent experience, BHC sought to partner with a managed service provider (MSP) that would instill a high level of confidence in comprehensive IT support and planning.

The law firm’s goals were to find an MSP with an unquestionable depth of service, outstanding expertise, total transparency, efficient problem solving, and dependability. BHC addressed its need to move forward confidently with an IT partnership that would create a stable, adaptable, and forward-looking technology environment.

The Solution

Facing substantial challenges, BHC sought a solution that aligned with its future vision. BHC Law Group chose Clare Computer Solutions to meet its IT infrastructure and support service needs. The decision was a result of the firm’s aspiration to work with a partner that could align services with BHC Law’s strategic vision, particularly as the firm anticipated the landscape to evolve to emphasize remote work.

The collaboration with Clare Computer, fortified by the support of NetCentral Manage, not only addressed these immediate concerns but also provided the transparency and comprehensive support the law group sought for a sustainable and forward-looking IT environment.

The Benefits

BHC Law Group’s partnership with Clare Computer Solutions and adoption of NetCentral Manage brought forth a spectrum of transformative benefits. Improved connectivity, marked by stable solutions that replaced those with issues, elevated the remote user experience. Strengthened communication channels and enhanced transparency through regular meetings ensured real-time issue resolution. The addition of a dedicated engineer delivered personalized support that aligned with BHC’s preferences.

Strategic planning for the future, guided by NetCentral support, showcased a forward-thinking approach, setting the stage for a reduced physical footprint and increased cloud operations. Collectively, these benefits position the collaboration with Clare Computer as the guiding force for BHC’s journey toward seamless IT excellence.

BHC’s commitment to ongoing refinement, driven by collaborative feedback, highlights the enduring power of strategic partnerships. BHC Law uses this collaboration with Clare Computer to leverage unparalleled IT solutions, making IT a true catalyst for its success.

BHC Law Group’s journey to IT excellence hinges on a crucial partnership with an MSP. Prioritizing transparency, connectivity, and strategic planning, BHC collaborated with Clare Computer, addressing current issues and positioning the firm for success in a dynamic digital landscape.

About BHC Law

BHC Law Group LLP is a majority woman-owned law firm specializing in the defense of complex cases throughout California. The firm is led by attorneys Emily Bergstrom, Julie Hayashida, and Alex Catalona, who bring more than 50 years of litigation experience to the firm.

About Clare Computer Solutions

Clare Computer Solutions is a mature technology solutions partner, providing a one-stop shop for your firm’s IT strategy and support needs. For over 30 years, Clare Computer has offered an enterprise-level IT experience to businesses of all sizes in the San Francisco Bay Area, operating as both a strategic partner and an extension of your leadership team.

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