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Today’s hybrid workforce creates risk for companies because employees working from home use their devices to access the web for both business and personal purposes. To prevent employees from accessing websites that are malicious, inappropriate, or distracting and to protect against malware infections, organizations need web content filters.

Web filtering for businesses uses software to control access to specific websites or web content based on predetermined criteria. Web content filtering software helps companies monitor and manage their employees’ internet usage, protecting them from online threats while also increasing productivity.

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Clare Computer will guide your company in managing internet usage to increase productivity while also protecting against online threats. Your business should consider implementing web content control to ensure your network remains secure, compliant, and high performing.
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Business Web Filtering From Clare Computer Solutions

Clare Computer Solutions will help keep your business and employees safe while navigating the web. We can guide you in choosing the right software for controlling which websites your employees can access while working from remote or in-office locations. The benefits of monitoring web activity include:

  • Increased productivity: By blocking access to non-work-related websites, businesses can help employees stay focused and increase productivity.
  • Protection against online threats: Content filtering can help prevent employees from accessing malicious websites or downloading malware, which can harm the business’s computer network.
  • Ensuring compliance: Businesses that need to adhere to certain regulations, such as HIPAA, or PCI DSS, can use web content filtering to ensure compliance.
  • Improving network performance: By managing bandwidth and preventing users from monopolizing the network, business web filtering can help improve network performance and prevent downtime.

We can identify vulnerabilities in your network and provide
recommendations to improve your IT security.

Business Web Filtering Services 

Clare Computer offers a range of web content control features, including:

  • Content filtering to block access to certain websites or categories that may be harmful or distracting to employees
  • Time-based filtering to restrict access to certain websites during specific times of the day, such as during work hours
  • Bandwidth management to ensure that network bandwidth is distributed fairly across all users and prevents any one user from hogging the bandwidth, which slows down the network
  • Reporting and analytics to provide detailed reports on employee internet usage, enabling managers to identify trends and take corrective action if necessary
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