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Today, business continuity is more important than ever as organizations face an increasing number of threats from natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other interruptions. A solid business continuity plan can help companies avoid significant financial loss, maintain customer trust, and ensure timely recovery from unexpected events. Our research found that 4 in 5 small businesses with business continuity and disaster recovery recover from ransomware within 24 hours.

Businesses must invest in business continuity planning to safeguard their operations and ensure their long-term success. Business continuity planning involves identifying critical business processes, assessing the risks and vulnerabilities, developing contingency plans, and testing procedures to ensure their effectiveness. A disaster recovery strategy for business continuity can include measures such as backup systems, data recovery plans, emergency communication protocols, and relocation plans.

East Bay Cybersecurity Services
East Bay Cybersecurity Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery From Clare Computer Solutions

Clare Computer Solutions offers business continuity planning services that will help your business identify potential risks and develop a strategy for mitigating the impact of these risks on your operations. We provide comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery that will:

  • Reduce downtime during a security incident or emergency
  • Quickly restore key information for minimal disruption
  • Help maintain regulatory compliance
  • Help you determine lessons learned after an incident

Clare Computer understands that implementing strategies for business continuity enables organizations like yours to minimize the downtime and financial loss resulting from any unforeseen circumstances. Our business continuity solutions ensure the safety of your employees and help preserve customer trust by minimizing interruption of your services.

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Business Continuity Services 

Clare Computer offers a variety of business continuity services, including:

  • Fast Failback which uses a “Rescue Agent” for disaster recovery while performing a continuously mirrored bare metal restore
  • Ransomware Detection which performs automated post-backup ransomware scans and data and boot verification to ensure you know as soon as ransomware is detected
  • Rapid Rollback which allows incremental reversion to a previously backed-up state without reformatting or re-partitioning
  • Instant Virtualization which minimizes downtime after an attack or outage, with virtualization in the cloud or locally
East Bay Cybersecurity Services

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