Looking at the cyber threat landscape for 2017, it doesn’t appear businesses will receive any relief from hackers, malware, or ransomware anytime soon. In fact, all these threats continue to grow in sophistication. What can you do to help your business gain resilience against cyber-attacks? Here are three things you can do to help

Work With, Not Against, Front-Line Providers

Since technology has introduced the cyber threats mentioned above, it’s tempting to distrust technology or those who provide or service it. In all reality, the exact opposite is true. Once you choose an able IT service provider or vendor, listen to them and follow their advice. They will understand your need to balance easy access of information while keeping your data secure and provide solutions to satisfy both needs. But you have to do it right.

Introduce New Technology Mindfully

Technology should be selected and used to introduce efficiencies while assisting in making your business more agile and serving clients better. There are enough choices out there that you can start with how you want your business to operate, then select tech solutions to meet these goals. Don’t let technology tell you how to run your business.

Don’t Neglect the Human Factor

Regardless of your technology, it’s humans that make your business run. Your employees need to be trained and vigilant when it comes to their use of technology. Make sure your company’s stance on security is ingrained in your corporate culture. Humans decide whether to buy a product or not, so make sure your technology aids, not impedes, the quality of interactions between employees and clients.

Clare Computer Solutions has helped many companies adopt technologies and practices to make their businesses more resilient to cyber threats. We can help your business, too. Just contact us to get started.

We also provide onsite ransomware prevention consulting for companies at no charge. Education is one of the best ways to prevent social engineering tactics from launching malware.

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