Far too many times, companies call us after losing an IT staff member, frazzled and understaffed, with the demand for fire-fighting support becomes mission critical. This causes an imbalance in the technical team, as the work level has increased but the amount of help hasn’t. Managed IT Services provides businesses with the ability to delegate IT operations in a co-managed environment or off-load all your day-to-day work and refocus your IT team on advancing your business.

Managed IT Services is provided by an expert third-party organization that augments and tests your business network for such things as connectivity, efficiency, workflows, vulnerabilities, and much more. Sometimes organizations lack the manpower or lack the internal specialization for proper management and remediation of your network, servers, desktops, and other IT devices. These third-party organizations are commonly called Managed Service Providers (MSP) who can shift their focus to portions or the entirety of your business technology. Managing a Managed Service Provider by a written Service Level Agreement (SLA), well-versed companies offer ticket system access, reporting, and documentation of your network.

MSPs CAN’T be born overnight

Commonly, businesses choose to leverage the assistance of a poor-performing partner due to the overwhelming amount of smoke and mirrors. Do your homework: if the MSP you consider using doesn’t hold a comprehensive on-boarding process or checks and balances to assist in budgeting and strategizing around the specific needs of your business, it may not be the ideal partner. We build strategic partnerships with our clients to better align us to meet their mission.

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5 Benefits of Hiring Managed & Co-Managed Services for Your Business:

  1. Lower Cost of Ownership/Support:
    For some businesses, it can be cost-prohibitive to continue self-managing your network technology with internal teams, or finding the right experience can seem infinite. Many businesses turn to managed IT services to assist in lowering the total costs to own, operate, and support your technology while reducing systems downtime.
  2. Getting More for Much Less:
    Leverage current technology assets to optimize and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT network. Ensure business data is available when outages do occur through business continuity and disaster recovery, improved computing, server, and network performance while minimizing your business risk to threats like malware and cybercriminals through our enhanced security protocols for total IT assurance.
  3. Proactive Maintenance:
    By hiring managed IT services to monitor and manage all your IT systems, problems will be identified and resolved before coming costly mistakes, utilizing unique tools to discover and mapping your network infrastructure, document your systems, setups, and protocols. Your managed service provider should be able to provide you with clear monthly reporting.
  4. Data Protection:
    Managed Service Providers are to assume the responsibility of your data, its backup and recovery process, providing clients with the ability to leverage industry-leading technology for a fraction of the cost to create a redundant, secure, and robust solution in the event of unforeseen disasters, like server failures.
  5. Peak Security:
    In our connected environments, keeping your patches up-to-date, securing devices, and applying additional layers of cybersecurity for advanced vulnerability monitoring, and management is mandatory. Ensuring your employees won’t fall prey, we provide a secure stack of solutions used to keep endpoints and servers secure and compliant.

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