Web content management has become more important for business than ever before. There can be little doubt on the liberating effect on workers and businesses of widespread internet access. Having ready access (from a variety of devices) to a wealth of information and easy communication has transformed society and business.

But with any transformational technology, there are good and bad aspects.

Here are three areas where unfettered internet access could have a negative effect on your business and why web content management is so important:


Your business-grade internet connection can seem like an old modem connection if too many demands are placed on your available bandwidth. Any business should aim for enough bandwidth to handle the business’s anticipated needs with regards to web access (for business), email, phones (VoIP), file transfers (for business), and data backup. But what if the employees at your company are also listening to streaming music, watching videos or downloading large media files for personal use? That drives your network performance down and your costs up. Does this make good business sense?


Most modern businesses take steps to catch viruses attached to emails and prevent hacking from the outside of the network inwards. Now, many modern cybercriminals have turned to enlisting the help of your employees, usually without their knowledge. Many seemingly benign websites have malware within their site’s code, which can infect users’ machines and be very difficult to eradicate. In addition, phishing attempts exploit users and trick them into following bogus links to infected sites or open innocent-looking email attachments.

Time Theft

How many of us have casually looked for something on the internet, which led to something else, which led to something else (and so on). Suddenly, two hours have gone by! Multiply that by the total number of employees at your company, and the potential loss of productivity is enormous.

Protect your company’s investment in personnel and technology by using web content management to control the use of your company’s internet connection. There are a number of solutions to choose from, and many are very sophisticated, allowing controls on internet usage based upon each employee’s legitimate needs and even the time of day.

Clare Computer Solutions has helped quite a few companies take back control of their corporate internet connection and save thousands of dollars in the process. Contact us today to see how we can help your company!