Dreading your company’s technology review because you can’t show how your technology is performing? Have a provider suffering from a lack of ideas on how to truly accelerate technology? You’re not alone – these are common symptoms for Bay Area businesses having selected the wrong managed IT service solution.

Who could blame you? The marketplace is crowded with vendors and tools that promise to deliver exactly what you need. Even the do-it-yourself path, with homegrown systems or spreadsheets, can seem like you’re moving in the right direction.

Sooner or later, you will sense something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly. If that’s you or could become you, check out these 10 warning signs that your company needs to make a change:

8 Warning Signs You’re Using the Wrong IT Service Solution:

1) Lacking a consolidated point-of-service for all technology-related matters

2) Tired of burning service hours on reactive support instead of proactive thinking

3) Bouncing between different relationships and account managers within your IT support organization

4) Weeks have passed without any word from your account manager or that IT Guy you hired

5) There’s no personalization – Your IT support never seems to know your network, let alone your name

6) No one owns the roadmap for projects, unplanned work, updates, and changes

7) The out-of-the-box support solutions were over positioned and don’t deliver

8) You’re good enough functionality isn’t good enough for your management team

Coming to the Realization That You Didn’t Make the Right Choice?

Make a change. Your next quarter doesn’t need to be a repeat of this quarter. The bottom line is that executives need to know technology is being supported by scalable, trustworthy technology partners. This includes building a checklist of would-like-to-have features, must-have features and deal breakers.

Reference your list closely as you vet future products and solutions. Finally, it’s smart to secure feedback from others in your industry or channel. Consider inviting potential solution providers to your site, to your team a solution demo.

There’s no doubt this process is rigorous. But, it’s what’s required to find the best IT support and service solution for your organization. Contact Us for a no-cost, no-obligation conversation regarding unlocking the true potential of your business network and managed IT service solution.