It only takes one outage to showcase how vulnerable a company could be. Unfortunately for most businesses, this single incident can shake business owners to their core. In just a matter of moments, your business’s reputation and public standing are called into question. The greatest example of this would be Equifax’s security breach, where they lost control of business-grade data due to outdated security practices, and aging infrastructure provided the perfect storm for hackers to come in and destroy the reputation of their business. By creating a technology budget, your business can get the leg up on hackers and your competition.

Last year we posted a blog article about keeping technology updated, using budgeting tactics to focus on such things as infrastructure, aging equipment, and Section 179 Tax Breaks. (Article found here: With Section 179 still active for most Bay Area business owners, it’s no wonder so many have begun projects for next year.

Sometimes, companies find themselves with challenges they know could be met if they replaced or upgraded aging IT systems. The challenge for most is knowing where to begin. Often, the expense keeps many in a pattern of “band-aid” fixes and crisis management.

Clare Computer Solutions has helped hundreds of companies get over this hurdle, utilizing assessment tools and highly skilled staff to locate any issues and determining the remedy to your most critical pain points first. Part of this process is strategic in nature, making recommendations for technology. It’s imperative to know what the goals of the business are and to devise a plan to ensure the IT infrastructure will support reaching those goals.

After identifying our plans, we outline a budget proposal to spread expenses across several mini-projects a year. With this approach, we concentrate on addressing your most immediate business needs. We can then present a clear picture of what needs to be done, spelled out in a phased approach, enabling your company to make necessary operational improvements at a moment’s notice.

Adopting the practice of a strategic budget every year makes technology an integral part of business planning, making IT issues less common and keeping costs under control.

This is the perfect time of year for you to be thinking about your company’s goals and plans for next year. The perfect time to devise an information technology budget to ensure your company with the technology it will need to achieve those goals.

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