Cloud computing has been around for several years, and the adoption of cloud services for business continues to ramp up. How will you know when it’s time for your business to consider the cloud for your IT workloads? Here are some circumstances that might make you consider a switch.

Increasing Mobile Workforce

The mobility revolution continues to trend upwards. What does this mean for you? Workers can now become more productive, using a variety of devices, from anywhere in the world. Bandwidth demands from a larger workforce accessing your infrastructure may get to a point where performance is impacted by limited bandwidth. This is where it makes sense to have at least part of your IT infrastructure in the cloud (hybrid).

Aging out of On-Premises Equipment

It’s hard to justify moving workloads to the cloud when on-premises equipment is still in good working order. As on-premises equipment reaches its end of life, however, many companies leverage this opportunity to initiate deploying some workloads in the cloud as a test of the environment. Many financial and legal firms look to the cloud to store several years of data (for compliance reasons).

Company Growth – Especially New Offices

If a company is in an aggressive growth cycle or expects to be, cloud-based infrastructure can provide scalable solutions that remain unparalleled. This could eliminate the need to replace or upgrade on-premise infrastructure if the company begins outpacing the capabilities of the current infrastructure.

Any decision regarding your infrastructure needs to be made with careful consideration and appropriate research. Clare Computer Solutions can assess your company’s desires and formulate a strategy that fits your business. We can also help you monitor, maintain, and manage your entire IT infrastructure on-premises, in the cloud, or both!

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