As many counties ease lockdown restrictions, businesses around the Bay Area will slowly begin to reopen their doors. As some look forward to getting back into the office, others will continue to feel wary. One thing is for certain: the workplace is going to look very different for many of us.

How can you best prepare your team for the “new normal”? What should you take into consideration to ensure a successful return to the workplace, especially when it comes to employees, office space, and technology? While it is not an exhaustive list, our Returning to the Office: A Checklist for Your Businesses covers the items to consider as your office begins to reopen.

Everyone’s business is unique, but evaluating your plans with these components in mind will help the successful reopening of your offices:

  1. Employees: Be extremely mindful of your team. They may still be nervous returning to the office. If prepared properly, many concerns can be alleviated, and this can enable better focus at work during this global health crisis. Returning to the office will not be the same as it was before the pandemic.
  2. Office Environment: While the office might be open, practicing social distancing will still be important, be prepared to make changes to your working area, conference rooms, and more office signage can ensure employees abide by these guidelines. Your goal is not to isolate anybody but to create a safer environment in the meantime.
  3. Technology: Returning to the office does not mean abandoning any work-from-home setups. In fact, many employees may self-isolate for the foreseeable future. Workstations in the office will need major updates and patching since sitting idle for well over 90 days.
To learn more and explore the various items of our checklist, head over and to the download link here.

Once you have built your business reopening plan, begin tweaking your approach and use this guide from our trusted IT consulting team, to begin your successful office reopening. Make sure to consult your building manager and local health experts to ensure your following best practices. According to California counties, where there are differences between the local Health Officer’s order and the State’s order, the stricter restrictions apply.

Technology giving your business trouble during these times – we are here, open for business and ready to help your team.