There is something special about flipping the calendar over to the peak of a new year. For many personally this means new years resolutions, for businesses it means fresh opportunity, a chance to complete the things you missed in 2018! Like many, we’ve found businesses have a hard time considering what information technology goals they should have for the new year. Take this kick-starter for 3 New Year’s resolutions for your business to consider in the coming year.

1. Cycle Out That Aging Technology

The end of 2019 marks the quick-approaching deadline for Windows 7 Systems, servers are already becoming victim to attack on older Operating Systems(OS) being used throughout businesses, I’m looking at you Windows Server 2008. Chances are your one of the 85% of businesses leveraging outdated technology, and it’s greatly hindering your business from efficiency and productivity by its users.

2. Get Ahead of Your Network Assessment

Over the years, with new employees entering the network, devices needing a constant connection, with data storage it’s no wonder networks begin to grow dramatically in just a year’s time. Within one year, data is uploaded and downloaded at tremendous speed, leaving many with no formal documentation, stifling business executives, and IT managers from making the most educated choices to fit their network. Since your team won’t know what infrastructure you have, at what locations you can’t possibly be managing everything. By providing thorough network assessments your business will recover a myriad of data to help informed strategic choices made by leaders, paying for itself many times over.

3. Get Serious with Network Security

Many businesses have already seen the biggest misconception of 2019, it was having a firewall, and antivirus as your only forms of network security. Nowadays, threats loom from vectors that an untrained-eye could never anticipate. Stay ahead of the bad guys with a multi-layered approach to Network Security that includes a combination of technology, employee training and corporate culture. Devise, implement and enforce a company security policy and keep it up to date.

Looking at these three resolutions, the only trick to keeping them is to get started. And the only impediment to getting started is, you’re too busy running your business to spare resources to plan and execute these resolutions. So get help from Clare Computer Solutions with up-to-date, reliable, and secure technology. Contact us now to get started!