Enterprise IT has remained much the same, although with incredible innovation and invention to improve on what has been made readily available to smaller organizations. Sadly, lots continue using outdated technology, underpinning the platforms and solutions that have been implemented to improve your experiences with technology. Businesses presume current platforms are good enough and that staff knows how to best accomplish their work. Although clunky at times, businesses no longer feel the need to change if it isn’t broken. One of the largest misconceptions is that migrations will always be a struggle, but we both know that’s not the case.

In some cases, sticking with legacy platforms means you’ll receive less and less support over time, eventually having to play catch-up with technology at some point. Nowadays, experts like us provide businesses more productivity than ever, utilizing the common business applications your team has grown to love.

Office 365 has more teamwork and collaboration environments, changing the way businesses work. We’ve put together a list of top reasons moving to Office 365 for collaboration and teamwork will supercharge your teams.

  1. OneDrive for Business
    If you’re anything like me, you take notes for every occasion, including those sneaky 3:00 AM thoughts. Office 365 can be a cloud game-changer, especially when leveraging OneDrive for your business, as the data storage side of this solution offers large amounts of space, leaving users without the headache of buying thumb drives or hard drives.
  2. Don’t Stress about Servers
    Office 365 is available online, yet it does provide the flexibility of integrating with On-Premises solutions, as needed. Using the cloud has so many advantages, particularly in terms of saving on maintenance costs typically associated with localized servers.
  3. Scales with you, not against you
    Setup out of the gate comes as no surprise. With pay-as-you-go Office 365, your organization can receive additional services and storage as your business grows, including access to your data from anywhere in the world.
  4. Working Anywhere with any Device
    Based in the cloud, Office 365 provides organizations the ability to no longer be chained to the desk. Gone are the days where someone needed to sign in for work at the physical location. Empowering teams with the ability to work from their most familiar devices, like laptops, mobiles, or tablets.
  5. Simplified Path to Migration
    Regardless of the storage tools you’re currently using, migrating to Office 365 can be easy since the entire platform is updated by Microsoft with extreme scrutiny as it becomes the #1 application employed in business organizations.
  6. All your Apps, One Familiar Place
    Unify employee work experiences with the apps they work with every day. Make access easy with the Office 365 home screen, consolidated in one place. It’s these small tools that make an employee’s job easier.
  7. Don’t Feel like using the app?
    Enjoy the applications and programs you love from within your favorite web browser. By focusing on making workflows more streamlined and collaborative, teams can quickly make edits, comments and improvements on documents in real-time without having to download a file locally.
  8. No More Paying for Updates
    Gone are the days where every year, Office would need to be purchased, escaping the endless cycle of waiting for product releases. Gain instant access and stay secure and up-to-date immediately as patches and bug fixes are rolled out.
  9. Enterprise-Class Governance & Control
    Data, information, and documents are the lifeblood of every company, and many organizations have no means of recovery or backup in a reliable fashion. Losing these can be disastrous to your business, but with data protection and backup, you can provide employees with the peace of mind that you’ll never lose the data you use.

What are you waiting for?

If those aren’t incredibly compelling arguments, then I don’t know what you’re looking for! Of course, transitioning everything to Office 365 and encouraging adoption among employees will be a lot of work. With a good plan, the right tools, and an experienced team, you’ll find that the project will rapidly pay off. Discover how Clare Computer Solutions can make your migration a breeze.