Ransomware evolves, attacking continues to be on the rise, and companies are scrambling to add technical safeguards, policy-level protection and employee education to fight the threat.

Like most cyber-threats, ransomware is evolving in sophistication, and one of the latest techniques, known as spear phishing, is on the rise.

Up until recently, ransomware tended by launched through emails sent indiscriminately — essentially, infected spam. But instead of trying to convince the recipient to buy something, ransomware emails masqueraded as routine business emails (the most famous is a bogus UPS tracking email), and the links or attachments contained the malware.

This latest approach is more targeted. The emails are spoofed to appear to be coming from a trusted sender (often a principal within the company). In some cases, the approach is even more layered. An email asks for a response, and then the recipient responds. The next message contains the infection as part of an email thread the recipient seems to trust.

This all underscores the need for multi-layered defense against ransomware, consisting of technical tools, policy-level controls, employee education and a plan for rapid recovery in case of infections.

Clare Computer Solutions is offering on-site training to selected companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide information on technologies that can help prevent ransomware or detect it very early, as well as a process for post-infection recovery. In addition, they provide user training to educate network users on how to be better prepared to spot suspicious emails, whether they are obvious or not.

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