Case Study

Oakland School for the Arts is a California Public School providing, students with intensive conservatory-style training in the arts while maintaining a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum.

  • Client: Oakland School for the Arts
  • Skills: IT Consulting, Professional Services, Managed IT Support
  • Website:

Oakland School for the Arts was preparing to move into the well-known local landmark, the Fox Theater building in downtown Oakland, California. This meant moving an entire school while minimizing downtime, was not going to be easy, especially in the middle of the school year. The original site?was made up of several modular units that would demand the consolidation into a multi-story building.

During the move, we discovered the condition of the new site wasn’t fully prepared to handle the current infrastructure, or anything newer. Our team jumped into action diagnosing and locating the flaws in this outdated network technology. Upon completion of the?renovation project at the Fox Theater, Oakland School for the Arts? Director of Technology, knew that a project of this magnitude and complexity would require that he outsource certain technologies and organizational aspects to ensure all the parts would come together effectively.

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Thank goodness for Clare Computers! We have worked as a team for over 10 years and have NEVER had a problem or a delay in getting problems resolved. We have 3 locations and looking to add more. Each location communicates with the other. There are a lot of adjustments and monitoring that go on behind the scenes. Which makes our workflow rather seamless.

Our organization has been a Clare Computer Solutions client for more than ten years. We made the decision to contract the management of our IT department because we needed someone to dedicate themselves to the monitoring and updating of our systems on a daily basis. With IT engineers demanding annual salaries exceeding $100k a year, not including benefits, this decision was a no-brainer.

?I view CCS as our internal IT department helping us with managed cloud solutions, and have become an important part of the SAHA team.?

?With Clare Computer Solution?s computer consulting expertise and project management skills we were able to relocate into a permanent facility with minimal impact on the users.?