The use of these network security fundamentals can be a launchpad for companies looking to beef up security due to the recent ransomware attacks.

The term “Network Security” is very broad in the context of modern technologies. Networks can be hard-wired or wireless. They might connect devices in a single office, or across separate locations, around the world.

Security can range from the stringent requirements of a military installation or address garden-variety malware out of a small office.

But across the network security spectrum, there are three fundamental tenets that are universal. These network security fundamentals form a good starting point for any organization that wants to address cybersecurity for its IT infrastructure.

Ingrain Security into the Corporate Culture

To be effective, any initiative to increase network security has to start at the top. Everyone within the company has to understand the company’s commitment to security and what policies and rules apply. This knowledge will affect how everyone does their jobs, the assets they’re allowed to access, and the strategic decisions that are made within the company.

The company’s commitment must be reflected in its investment in education and training for staff. Stay up to date on technological tools used in the operation of the business and in non-technical areas as well as HR, accounting, sales, etc.

Security is a Process, Not a Project

Technology changes so fast, it’s vital to ensure the company’s security practice is up-to-date with the evolution of potential threats.

The success of your security process will hinge on the details. Personnel will change over time, so training for new hires, continuing education for existing staff, orderly and timely cleanup of unneeded access accounts, and other tasks are ongoing concerns that need to be managed and documented.

Bring in a Fresh Set of Eyes

Changes in a company occur at a pace that is hard to detect. Familiarity with the environment can lead to a lack of fresh ideas or insights when considering the company’s network security as a whole.

For this reason, it’s wise to have a third party (IT consultant) conduct regular network assessments. The goal here is to determine whether all aspects of the network are compliant with the company security policies.

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