To take advantage of any?opportunities in “Internet of Things (IoT)” and “Artificial Intelligence, (AI)” you?must invest in robust wireless networks and with fast connections to any cloud applications. If you were building a house, you wouldn?t start with the windows. You would start by building a strong foundation. By laying the groundwork for future innovation,?many businesses?have capitalized on the competitive advantage, over there rival’s uptime.

Such is the case with small businesses and emerging technologies.

Where it makes business sense,?your?competition?is investing in the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and other emerging IT solutions. ?In order to make those deployments successful, you must first ensure?you have?strong and well-designed wired and wireless networks with fast connections to cloud services where possible, to power IoT and AI platforms. Many of the leading security applications use AI to create a security landscape, to familiarize it’s applications, with threats beyond our borders.

Without a strong network foundation, your business lacks the ability to effectively compete for new customers. You will begin to lack the customer service, and quality your customer’s were once assured. While it might seem obvious, companies shouldn?t rush head-first into adopting leading-edge technologies without assessing and ensuring the network can handle such workloads. Once that scalable and secure network infrastructure has been deployed, you can?layer your advanced technologies on top.

How You Can Build a Strong Network Foundation

The first thing a business should do is assess its current network technology and refresh any strategies to determine:?What is the state of?your network now and what do we want it to be??Companies that do this on their own, won?t catch everything, and technology partners can use automated tools for a deeper dive. This assessment involves the checking of network health and any underlying infrastructure. A trusted partner should always be consulted?when developing a new strategy for what the company.

After that, partners?design the architecture of the network. Often,?this involves taking systems and combining them?into a core IP-based network. Whether your network spans across several locations or just one.?Knowing what you already invested in,?is half the battle. With a network assessment; businesses received increased?perimeter security, alongside reports disclosing the age, and workload on current server environments. Throughout all of this, network security should be top of mind. The process can also be streamlined and orchestrated?via a managed service provider.

Low-latency connections?deliver the response you need and to the customers you want. Without this foundation, your business sits on a house of sand – It?s time to build the foundation.

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