The offices of The Department of Homeland Security released a statement designating October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.
Known to many in the IT industry, the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) partners engagement and education through events and initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security, with tools and resources used by many to stay protected online and increase your defense.

Clare Computer Solutions is very involved in helping clients ensure they have the tools and education to mitigate the risks from a variety of cyber threats. The NCSAM website has some tools, too, and they break them into separate toolkits for a variety of users. They call this the StopThinkConnect Toolkit, and they have some very sensible advice.

Here’s the URL to access these tools:

Busy executives may find it difficult to take the time to go over these materials in detail, but Clare Computer Solutions can definitely help. We can have a conversation with you, learn about your business, help you pinpoint your major concerns around cybersecurity or any technology, and help you devise a road map to prepare your company to avoid problems with cyberattacks.

Threats include malware (viruses, worms, ransomware), and hacking. The consequences can be business disruption, destruction of data, and theft of data. These threats come in from a variety of places, from sophisticated hackers getting through a firewall to unwitting employees clicking on an email attachment.

Your employees, your colleagues, and especially your customers are counting on you to take the proper steps to protect your business. It all starts with a conversation, so contact us to get started.