Known as a common occurrence for most information technology engineers, hacking is logging into systems through remote means. The idea was, only you would know your login and password, and this would keep your information safe. The company data you’re protecting is more important than ever, and the tools cyber-criminals employ to get access to your data are growing in sophistication – making multi-factor authentication the best fit for most businesses.

Security experts have been recommending multi-factor authentication as a means of protecting access to systems for years, but what does the term mean?

What Is Multi-factor Authentication:

Multi-factor authentication adds different levels in addition to what you know; it may also employ “who you are” (Biometrics) or “what you have” (physical token or personal device) Using more than one level of authentication makes hacking into your accounts nearly impossible. The largest benefit to most businesses securing their data with multi-factor authentication is the use of single sign-on.

We’ve grown accustomed to passwords that must be changed every so often. However, multi-factor authentication often employs information that is generated when you try and log in and is used only once, creating a different set of credentials each time.

Does this add complexity to the user experience? Yes, by design – but if you’ve ever watched someone quickly scan an access card (something they have) and then enter a quick code (something they know) to access a facility, you can see how quickly this can become routine.

Adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication:

For many vertical industries, companies must comply with regulations regarding physical and technical security. Those who provide services, or support to those companies should also be familiar with its compliance as well. Multi-factor authentication is no longer an “enterprise product.” Being found in such technology as Office 365, Microsoft 365, G-Suite (Gmail), or the latest cloud environments.

Wish to Enhance Security in Business-Line Applications?

Clare Computer Solutions can help your company evaluate options for multi-factor authentication and then implement the solution that best suits your needs. Contact us to get started; the stakes are too high to wait.