Lessons in Network Lock-down: Focusing on Business Backups First

When you’re considering the prevention of modern attacks, it’s become pretty obvious that all businesses need a strong lineup of cyber-defense tools, not just a bare bones firewall and old-fashion anti-virus. You need to protect the business first, to do this you need a solution that can withstand the continued onslaught of modern malware.

For many businesses, it’s grown crucial to remember as technology needs begin shifting, so should your cyber security around  how to lessen the risk involved in your day-to-day operations. By following the recommendations of an experienced and trusted provider, you can effectively protect your business, ensuring you stay secure.

Embrace Automated Threat Detection & Response

While being around for nearly a decade, the term ‘anti-virus’ really belongs in the consumer space. When we talk business-grade protection we utilize solutions that stop threats immediately, with automated remediation systems, so you don’t have to spend time and resources cleaning viruses or restoring data.

You need a solution that doesn’t just stop threats, but works to put time back in your day.

Automated threat detection and managed response, is a solution that utilized Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), but also how we utilize them to automate the task to positively impact your return on investment, and increase efficiency. With the right technology, and support team backing it’s threat intelligence, our solutions not only stop threats, but can predict and prevent many.

Add Security at the Network Layer

Reports have highlighted Domain Name System(DNS) Threats experienced by businesses, are averaging +9 attempts each year. That’s 34%  increase over the previous year’s data.

    • 63% of Businesses Suffer Application Downtime
    • 45% Have Compromised Websites
    • 27% of businesses suffered downtime as a consequence
    • 26% lost brand equity from DNS Attacks
    • 49% rise in the costs to mitigate DNS Attacks
    • 1 in 5 businesses will lose $1,000,000 from cyber-attacks

With attacks reaching new heights, to see how preventing these attacks could make the difference in your businesses survival and success. Strongly consider investing in additional layers of protection for your business.

Train & Educate Your End-Users

The best security solutions in the world, can’t protect a business if employees are unwittingly open the network to cyber criminals. Simply clicking a link, can hurt your organization, you need to empower your employees with end-user education. Strengthen your front-line defenses in your organization. Using consistency and pace, you can achieve good results from informing employees of the latest techniques and hooks from month to month with Security Awareness Training (SAT).

Backup Your Data

When users on your network fail to defend, backup and disaster recovery is your last chance, and as time has shown, criminals are going for the backups. If a threat gets through, and encrypts your records successfully, you will be left hunting for a restore point. If you pay the ransom, you could not get your data back, and sometimes get extorted again. You need to be able to restore everything from secured backups quickly and easily, so you can prevent business downtime, or minimize it.

The cyber criminals have gotten smart, locating and encrypting mapped, unmapped, external, and even cloud drives. You should already be backing up your business data in at least three different places.

    • File Server
    • Local Disk Backup
    • Cloud for Business Continuity

In the event disaster strikes, this will provide business leaders the ability to mitigate any takeover of data, and immediately regain functionality of critical IT systems. We test backups regularly, both for security, protection, and viability to assist your organization in developing a disaster recovery plan.

When combined, each piece provides a foundation layer of security for your network, not only will it keep your business safe, but also keep your customer data, and employee info from surfacing on the dark web. Take a stance on security prevention contact Clare Computer Solutions to meet with a consultant and begin discussing your options.