Businesses today rely on technological tools to operate. These tools handle sales processes, payroll, accounting, manufacturing, planning, communication, customer relations, and more. It’s likely your company absolutely depends on its IT infrastructure to conduct day-to-day business, including strategic development and planning.

What you should be asking yourself:

– Is there someone in your company that knows this infrastructure inside and out?

– Is there current documentation of each element in the network?

Too often, the answers to these questions are no.

The reason for this is: IT tends to grow as it’s needed, with components added over the course of time to accommodate growth and replace obsolete technologies. But this often happens gradually, and it’s not unusual for a company to have a network diagram that’s years out of date. This poses some serious problems, both on a strategic and operational level.

On an operational level, not having accurate information on network assets can make troubleshooting a difficult task. On a strategic level, it can be difficult to make informed decisions without reliable information about the deployed technologies at your business.

How can you close this gap while continuing to run your business?

Get a Network Assessment

There are tools that can detect the assets on a network and generate an asset list or network diagram. The diagram will illustrate what’s connected to what, and the asset list will provide details on your network devices. This will include licenses, warranty and purchase dates, and installed software versions. All of this information aids in strategic planning for your company’s network.

Get Some Help

Clare Computer Solutions utilizes the tools above to interpret the findings in the context of your business. We provide the documentation that enables your IT staff to really know your network. We help to ensure IT infrastructure is resilient against downtime.

It all starts with a conversation. Contact us to get started.