When we hear the word “disaster,” we think of the events that make the news: floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes. But for a business, a disaster is anything that disrupts the ability to do business. The newsworthy disasters mentioned above qualify, but so do events that would not make the news: a crashed server, a broken water main, interruption in electricity to your facility, even an accidentally deleted file.

To protect your business, think of these events in terms of what you will need to do to resume business operations quickly after such an event. This is called Business Continuity, and it encompasses more than just disaster recovery (BDR).

Many businesses don’t address this larger issue when setting up disaster recovery (BDR) measures. Backing up data is smart, yes, but have you planned how you will restore that data if needed? What if your office became unavailable? How quickly could you resume operations with that data restored to another site? How would you notify your employees, your clients, and your suppliers if you were going to be down for any length of time?

There are tactics and technologies that can help your business be prepared for a number of eventualities, from minor interruptions to large-scale infrastructure issues. Implementing a workable business continuity plan is within reach for small-to-medium size enterprises now.

Let Clare Computer Solutions Show How You Can Prepare

Clare Computer Solutions is hosting a lunch?n?learn event in Oakland, California, on October 27th, 2016, on this important topic. Please make plans to join us? Your business is too important to risk losing clients and money due to a lack of disaster response preparation.

If you can’t make it to this event, please contact us to discuss your business and devising and implementing a business continuity plan. We can meet with you and get started on making your business disaster-proof!