Things move fast in business, but they move even faster in technology. Because of this, many businesses’ Information Technology (IT) infrastructures are poorly planned but can be fixed once a user can document technology. Technological tools are often deployed to address a specific problem without consideration to the entire infrastructure. Decisions are made to address short-term issues with little or no regard to the company’s long-range plans.

When a company wants to plan for growth or improve its technology, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get a handle on the current situation, which makes strategic planning nearly impossible. You can’t find the finish line if you can’t find the starting line! Here are some suggestions:

Perform Regular IT Assessments

Ideally, every change or addition to your IT infrastructure would be properly documented immediately, but with the pace of technology and the advent of the Bring Your Own Device movement, this may not be practical. But once or twice a year, an assessment of the entire Technology infrastructure should be performed, providing technology managers inside your company the ability to make better, more informed decisions than ever before.

Cycle-Out Unused/Obsolete Assets

Clutter grows on its own, whether in an attic or in an office. Apply the notion of Spring Cleaning to the business, and at least once a year, get rid of computers and devices you don’t use or need. Aging or unused devices have grown to become the largest security threat, followed closely behind by remote desktop protocol. As technology begins to age, you will notice resources being pulled away, incrementally, as supportable lifespan is nearing its end.

Documenting Your Infrastructure

When the time comes to implement a sweeping growth initiative, you will need an up-to-date, accurate and relevant view of your current infrastructure. This should consist of both asset lists (devices, computers, software licenses) and a network diagram.

When you document technology, you can manage your technology. But who’s got time to do all this stuff? Who has the skills to apply this level of organization?

Clare Computer Solutions has the tools and the experience to handle IT documentation quickly and efficiently, if you’re tired of half-done network diagrams that never seem to stay updated. We handle multiple networks, so we can apply this broad experience to provide expert advice on your company’s technology strategies. Contact us now to get started!