Will 2017 Be the Year of the Cloud for Your Business?

For years, we’ve heard how “the Cloud is coming”. How does the “cloud landscape” appear today, compared to when we first started hearing about it?

It’s time to take another hard look at what “the Cloud” can do for your business

The notion of a business getting rid of all its onsite IT infrastructure and putting everything in the cloud is not outrageous, but it’s not commonplace – yet.

With so many applications systematizing the daily process of an employee, you may find yourself already operating from within the cloud, with applications from Adobe, Google, Microsoft Office and others.

For most companies their first encounter with the cloud has been migrating email services. There are a lot of choices when it comes to providers, including industry giants such as Google and Microsoft, and the services tend to be competitively priced and increasingly easy to use.  Migration can be tricky if a company needs to move a lot of legacy email data up into the cloud, but once the migration is complete, the service seems to be as stable as the company’s internet connection.

The replacement of aging technologies is proving to become a driver for many who are now considering the cloud alternatives. Virtual computing in the cloud offers up-to-date servers at a monthly rate that includes maintenance, power, and air conditioning.

These solutions are what technology savvy CEOs have been waiting for. Hosting applications like Citrix, Veam, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and many more have created workable environments that can quickly scale to become as expansive as needed.

Two things are very important to keep in mind when considering this route:

1: Not all applications are cloud-ready. Applications which require vast amounts of data to communicate between the server and end user’s device, can have a hard time running in a cloud based environment, slowing job functions down to a crawl.

 2: Your Internet connection is extremely important to cloud computing – if the sole link to your business applications is your internet connection, you better make sure it’s fast, reliable, and redundant. This doesn’t have to be a showstopper – many metro areas have multiple carriers of very high bandwidth. For most users in the San Francisco Bay Area you may see Comcast, or AT&T for business, and in select areas, you may have access to specialty services like Google Fiber.

So, maybe 2017 is the Year of the Cloud for your business. Don’t go at this task alone — partner with a trusted IT support company to find the best fit for your cloud needs, whether it’s application implementation or an entire cloud environment.

Not sure your company is ready for the cloud?  The best way to find out is to have an assessment of your cloud-readiness. Armed with the facts, you can devise a plan to enjoy the cloud’s benefits and avoid the pitfalls, too!

It all starts with a discussion with Clare Computer SolutionsContact us today and we can help you determine what the cloud my do for your business.