Cloud based computing carries a lot of promise for many Bay Area business owners.?However,?it?s still an IT infrastructure, and must be managed to deliver all the desired benefits to your business.

Most businesses, so far, are?adopting a hybrid approach to the cloud,?moving some assets to the cloud while maintaining other assets in the local data center. This can create some challenges to provide a single management interface.

Cloud Challenges:

“Consumption” based billing models for cloud infrastructures also require some close monitoring.??Many network?processes that aren’t always monitored in on-premise environments (such as network ?transactions?, CPU usage, and disk usage) can dynamically affect costs in cloud environments, and therefore need to be managed.

Virtual servers in the cloud need to be kept up-to-date with regards to patches and updates, too, just as the servers in your local data center.

It?s important to remember that the cloud infrastructure was never intended to be a ?set and forget? solution for your business.

A Different Approach to the Cloud

Clare Computer Solutions has helped many businesses determine a cloud strategy roadmap, to get the maximum benefit from both cloud-based and on-premises environments. In addition, we provide?post-migration support to manage the IT infrastructure as a whole – ensuring it’s kept up and managed.

This includes tracking consumption of IT computing, plus monitoring and managing of asset usage. We provide regular detailed reports to keep you informed as to the state of the network. In addition, Clare Computer Solutions provides consulting to that we can help you look into the future and plan for your business growth.

Don?t miss a chance to take advantage of the modern hybrid cloud technologies. Contact us today to get started!