Cloud-based email is one of the fastest-growing segments of cloud computing, and it’s easy to understand why. Email is such a ubiquitous part of modern communication (how long has it been since someone in business told you they don’t have an email address?) that a new solution that promises wider access, simplified management and subscription-based licensing is attractive to many companies.

But the move from an on-premises email service to a cloud-based solution (such as Office365) is not as easy as flipping a switch, and some companies have had very frustrating experiences when trying to make the change. Here are some things to consider when considering migrating to a cloud-based service, to help make that transition go as smoothly as possible.

How Much Storage Are You Using?

The amount of stored emails companies have on their email servers is often taken for granted. In general, the common practice is to save everything, to be on the safe side. But when it comes time to move all that data, it can add considerable complexity to the task. This is just one of several hidden aspects of the email environment that must be addressed for a successful migration.

Public vs. Private Folders

We all grow accustomed to having access to the resources we need, but it’s easy to forget that the permissions for each user’s access can vary quite a bit, and it takes some investigation and planning to successfully transplant that combination of permissions to a new platform.


Outlook users benefit from the ability to view their own calendars and those of selected colleagues, and the view they see while in Outlook can make it seem deceptively simple. But behind that view is an interactive combination of permissions and this, too, requires careful consideration to be successfully migrated with the user environment intact.

Consider Migration Costs in Your ROI

When comparing the costs of cloud-based email to having your own in-house email server, factor in the costs of migrating to the cloud-based solution. The considerations shown above may have a profound effect on the time it takes to get a return on the investment.

The promise of cloud computing in general, and cloud-based email n particular, is real. It’s just important to get expert advice to ensure those benefits are properly realized. Clare Computer Solutions has the expertise to understand your business, its IT environment, and the emerging cloud solutions. We can help you make the right choices and fully realize the power of these technologies! Contact us today to get started.