There’s an old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We know it’s true, and yet many businesses don’t apply this commonsense approach to their IT infrastructure. The most common reason is, the owners are too busy with the day-to-day running of the business to step back and consider how much money this proactive approach could save them.

Instead, they choose to self-insure they deal with IT issues as they crop up and disrupt their business. This is expensive, for several reasons. First of all, emergency work is generally performed at a premium rate. When your IT infrastructure is disrupted, it costs you even more.


Look at the ways network downtime costs you money:

  • – Lost productivity
  • – Lost opportunities
  • – Damage to your company’s image


Most reports peg the costs of a down network at tens of thousands of dollars per hour. If network problems caused two hours of downtime each month, it would make sense to invest in services and systems to prevent even one of those hours of downtime!

That’s why it’s vital to take a look at your technology. Downtime issues are not a monthly cost necessarily but an ongoing unpredictable cost. If your network is properly managed, you can reduce downtime dramatically and have an improved system in place that addresses unexpected issues much faster.

Modern technology provides cost-effective ways to protect businesses from downtime, even after a disaster. Data and images should be backed up onsite or in the cloud. In the case of an emergency, use this data to restore core functions back to your organization.

The cost to deliver such services and business continuity systems over a period of time is consistently less than the cost of reacting to problems. The old adage is still true: It’s better to prevent problems than to cure them.

Clare Computer Solutions can help your business set up systems and procedures in your IT infrastructure to reduce downtime and quickly recover from any disruptive event.

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