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Nobody Gets Fired For Investing in Security

In the early days of business computing, the industry catch phrase was “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” During a time of rapid innovation and before there were industry standards to ensure interoperability, even if IBM didn’t have the best technological solution, it was a safe investment. Times have changed and IBM has changed […]

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

This phrase first appeared in English in the 1600s, and versions exist in French, Italian, German, and many other languages – so the concept is not new. In fact, the ancient Greeks had a similar saying. Innovation is part of human nature: when we see a problem, we look for a solution. Solving one problem frees us […]

Laboratory or Museum?

Laboratories are dynamic. New instruments are added regularly to enable new tests. Space is reconfigured to adapt to new ways of doing things. Once something is no longer useful, it is removed and replaced with something better. Museums are static. Their purpose is to preserve the past. Even when new exhibits are added, they look […]

How Could You Let This Happen?

Those are words we never want to hear, no matter what the situation. Something undesirable has happened, we were expected to have prevented it, but it happened. By the time the question is being asked, there isn’t much to do except damage control. When it comes to information security, sadly, this question is asked all […]

Make vs. Buy

If you’ve taken a class or read a book on business strategy, you’ve likely come across the “outsourcing decision.” In this decision, a business compares the costs and benefits of producing a part or service internally versus the costs and benefits of paying someone externally to do it. For this decision to be accurate, all […]