To move offices can be exciting a chance to settle into new quarters and really get organized. But there?s a lot of anxiety, too. You don’t want to lose anything, and you certainly want to keep disruptions to the business to an absolute minimum. In the ideal moving scenario, everything from the old office would be picked up on a Friday night and by Monday morning, every stick of furniture, every cubicle, and every piece of the IT infrastructure would be in place and functioning.

Clare Computer Solutions has helped many companies move in our 25+ years of doing business and here are some things we have learned.


This may sound obvious, but it?s worth bringing up. Whenever a company moves, it’s vital to ensure the new location will meet the company’s needs with regards to square footage, access to reliable high-speed bandwidth, and access for shipping/receiving.? Adequate parking for employees and visitors and physical security are important considerations as well.

Planning and Timing

Different services have different lead times, so timing is crucial. For instance, data and phone communications services often have installation lead times of 60-90 days or more, and then on the installation date, resources must be scheduled to ensure everything is working. This means choosing a provider, negotiating a contract, and ordering the services must be done far enough in advance.

IT Improvements or Upgrades

Sometimes a move is a chance to make improvements in the company’s IT infrastructure, but trying to do too much at the same time as everything is moved and set up can be a recipe for disaster. We would recommend having the new office cabled for your ideal network, and if changes or improvements to the switching scheme are indicated, have that part of the infrastructure completed and waiting for the move.

If a major overhaul of the servers or end-user devices is planned, it will probably go smoother after the move. In other words, it’s better to ensure the infrastructure itself works, and then plan for the technology refresh.

The key to a successful move is to leverage the expertise of companies that have the experience necessary to aid in planning and executing the move. A moving company will know how to pack the physical items at your business, and an IT consulting firm like Clare Computer Solutions can help with the IT infrastructure side. Plan ahead contact us today to get started!