We take pride in continuing to educate our clients on the trials and tribulations seen in business technology today. The following images aren’t from our clients, but they are real-world examples of the tech support challenges many businesses face today, some completely unknowingly. No matter the issue, we always go to bat for our clients, focusing on correcting any technical support issues we uncover, and sometimes that includes educating businesses and solving their problems.

Sometimes, there are problems so bad, you wouldn’t want to deal with them. So, instead of filling your inboxes with ghosts, ghouls, or pumpkins, we’ve rounded up 10 examples from the r/techsupportgore subreddit that is sure to send a painful wince or a shiver down your spine:

1. Enjoy this ‘updated’ network diagram!


2. Multi-colored spider webs or network closet?

Cable Organization

3. Can’t seem to figure out where that latency comes from?

Cable Runs

4. Wi-fi signal is so poor, it physically hurts.

office wifi

5. The guest’s wi-fi password is on the back!
wifi installation

6. Integrating your USB mouse into your laptop for mobility.

USB port IT support

7. This is what tech support nightmares are made of.

desktop organization

8. When a small gust of wind can take down your network.

laptop server

9. When TEMPorary files stay permanent, low disk space is inevitable.

temp file issues

10. No Powers, No problems… Right?

Tech support humor