Back Up, Restore, and Protect

Clare Computer backup and disaster recovery combines technical innovation with security. Created with our clients in mind, our all-in-one solution spans from backup to disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), all administered from a secure, multi-tenant cloud portal.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions

Backup and Disaster Recovery with Clare Computer Solutions 

Immutable backups and the secure cloud make backup and disaster recovery your best line of defense against ransomware.

Inverse Chain Technology 

Inverse Chain Technology fundamentally changes the way backup and recovery is performed, allowing for every incremental snapshot to be a fully constructed recovery point. 

Exclusive Deletion Defense

Does deleting backups accidentally or maliciously prevent recovery? Think again with Deletion Defense that restores the unthinkable. 

100% Recovery Confidence 

What good is backup if you can’t restore? Our backups are verified at multiple levels, not just for boot-up ability but application accessibility. 

Deployment Flexibility 

From the point of deployment, this agile solution provides a software-only implementation for hardened backup appliances. 

Ransomware Defense 

While our solutions provide multiple levels of backup verification, including ransomware scanning, what happens if your backup solution comes under attack? Designed with security in mind, our mandatory 2FA access to cloud-based portal can’t be corrupted by ransomware.

We can provide backup and disaster recovery and recommendations to improve your data protection.

Cloud Continuity Multi-Layered Protection and Defense

Combining our SaaS Protection and Defense tools, this solution scans for malicious threats and helps ensure complete protection with daily backups and flexible, fast recovery. With shared responsibility for protection, we can streamline your data compliance, business continuity, and security. 

Reliable backup for Microsoft 365 

Data stored in SaaS applications faces the same risks as any other data. With our backup solutions, you can protect against malicious cyber threats and user errors and quickly recover data from the cloud. 

Drive SaaS Efficiency

A reliable backup that is fast and manageable at scale has become a necessity for many businesses. We can quickly secure your data with streamlined onboarding and easily manage both quarantined phishing attempts and backups from a single pane of glass. 

Cloud Data Recovery

Explore 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyberattack 

Our infographic provides a checklist that helps your company secure and protect all parts of your system.