Backup Your Business

Disaster Recovery Data Backup is widely considered the most critical aspect of a business’s day-to-day technology. You can’t afford to just hope your backup and recovery solution will work correctly when you have downtime or a catastrophic event. On average, a single downtime event of 60 minutes can cost a business upwards of $100,000 without a reliable backup appliance.

Despite the risk and exposure, many organizations will continue to disregard it completely. Still others have a plan, but the recovery process is inadequate and results in costly downtime. The data protection solutions used today have greatly improved the ease of use for many searching for backup and disaster recovery. With the large number of options in the market, let Clare Computer Solutions help you discover which solution fits your specific business needs today. Build synergy and improve workflow among internal staff, with the ability to save and restore emails, documents, images, or files.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Image Backups (Geo-Redundancy)
  • Office 365 Cloud Backup
  • Office 365 Cloud Archive
  • Cloud-To-Cloud Backup
  • Off-Site Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Backups
  • High Availability Backups
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementing

Empower Your Business Success

Clare Computer Solutions has offered IT services to businesses in the Bay Area for over 30 years. Driven by our passion for helping companies grow and succeed, we strive to understand your business requirements and provide a comprehensive, reliable, managed IT service specific to your unique needs.

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Business Continuity

No matter how complex your IT environment is, business continuity should be simple, fast, and fail-safe. It should never come as a surprise that your data wasn’t being backed up either locally or from an off-site location. Leveraging our breadth of expertise and partnerships, we deliver backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions that won’t let your business down. No one can forecast the unfortunate loss of business data, but with NetCentral, business executives can rest assured knowing their data and any customer information is safe, secured, and easily accessible through Clare Computer Solutions’ business continuity tools.

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“By engaging with Clare Computer, we are able to handle more projects by utilizing their highly qualified and friendly staff of engineers and IT professionals to accomplish our end goals. It is like having a larger staff at the ready without all the overhead that comes with employee expansion.”

Chuck H.


“Because our business involves large amounts of sensitive customer information, we must be vigilant with protecting against cyber-threats. With our previous IT support, we struggled with uptime issues, system reliability, and outdated security practices that left a potential open door for attackers.”

Tony B.


“As our business and team of accountants expanded, we simply outgrew our previous IT support. The team at Clare Computer Solutions is really responsive! When I email an IT question, they get back to me quickly, without fail. It gives me peace of mind, so I can move on and forget it, knowing that they have my best business interests at heart!”

Robert G.


“Clare Computer Solutions is much more than our IT vendor; they are a true enabling partner! We are a rapidly growing logistics business that requires reliable, secure technology to empower our operational efficiency. For the last 13 years, they have delivered!”

Jeff T.