Our Guarantee

We want our clients to not only be satisfied with Clare Computer Solutions, we want to empower your success so that your team becomes raving fans and partners for life! If you are not FULLY SATISFIED with our services, cancel for a money-back guarantee.

About Clare Computer Solutions

Our Mission

Our passion is understanding your business requirements and helping plan, implement, and support information technology systems and services that enable your growth and long-term success.

Awards & Accolades

Our Proven Process


Step 1:


  • Understand business goals
  • Top challenges & strengths
  • IT Experience expectations
  • Assess technology base

Step 2:


  • Recommend services
  • Recommend best practices
  • Define technology roadmap
  • Determine initial budget

Step 3:


  • Align systems with CCS Stack
  • Onboard security services
  • Onboard managed services
  • Activate client/user support

Step 4:

Optimize & Grow

  • Weekly check-ins
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Service delivery metrics
  • Customer satisfaction metrics
  • Annual IT planning
  • Annual  IT assessment
  • Adopt best practice updates

Our Vision

Clare Computer Solutions is a mature technology solutions partner, providing a one-stop-shop for your firm’s IT strategy & support needs. For over 30 years, we have offered an enterprise-level IT experience to businesses of all sizes in the San Francisco Bay Area, operating as both a strategic partner and an extension of your leadership team. 

 The following information is beneficial to our troubleshooting process.

If possible, please include this detail:

  1. A brief description of the issue or request, including the error message or a screenshot, if applicable
  2. Your computer Name (From the lower-right Windows system tray, right-click on the Clare icon and choose “System Information”
  3. The name of the individual affected by the issue, if not you.
  4. Your work location (Office, home, branch site, other)