Storage / Virtualization

Your Data is Your Company's Lifeblood

Your company’s data is the lifeblood of your company. How do you accommodate your data storage needs?  How do you create a scheme for secure data storage that is accessible, scalable and secure?

The answer to this question will be different for almost every company – Clare Computer Solutions offers virtualization management to find the solution that precisely fits your company’s needs.

Virtualization is an important scheme for networks in general and storage networks in particular, because virtualization creates a hardware failure-tolerant environment.  A failed disk drive does not mean lost data, because the date resides in several places at once.  Similarly computing power is drawn from available resources as needed, when needed.  

Choosing the Right Solution Can Be a Challenge - We Can Help 

Advances in technology have provided some valuable new paradigms for allocating computing power and data storage space.  We no longer have to think in terms of discrete physical machines for every application, or for data or data backups.  In addition, the increase in demand for data storage is a rapidly acelerating trend, so solutions have to be easily scalable, as well.

Given the variety of solutions out there, and the pressing need for and more storage, it makes sense to have expert helping in choosing and implementing the solution that will fit your needs now, and into the future.   Clare Computer Solutions has that expertise.

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