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Microsoft Office 365 – Designed to Meet the Needs of the Modern Workplace

Microsoft Office has been the most widely used office productivity suite of software for decades, and with each new version, capabilities and features are added to enhance its value to businesses of all sizes. In the new Office 365, Microsoft has decided to focus efforts on allowing you to work, wherever you want, and however, you wish.

It has the familiar products that have become must-haves for offices: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, but also includes some products and capabilities that redefine how people can work together, communicate and collaborate.

Image_Skype_713x400Increased Mobility and Flexibility

Office 365 licenses allow for installation of Office software on up to five devices – so you can work on a variety of platforms – computer, tablet, laptop, and phone. An office is fully web-enabled, so you can work from anywhere, at any time. Information is stored centrally, so your information and documents are always available regardless of where you are or which device you use.

Always Stay Up-to-Date

With the subscription model for Office 365, there’s no need to upgrade Office as new versions are released – you’ll always be using the latest version.

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Storage and Collaboration Made Easy

With OneDrive, each user has 1TB of storage and you can choose to share documents or folders with colleagues, enabling true collaboration.  Microsoft Teams provides a chat-based workspace to make distances between co-workers irrelevant.

Purchasing Easier Than Ever

There’s no long-term commitment for Office 365 licenses – they can now be purchased from authorized resellers like Clare Computer Solutions on a month-to-month basis. Buy just the licenses you need, as you need them. Adding licenses is quick as easy as well.



Migrate Your Business to Office 365

This project should be done in phases that allow for adequate testing of each part of the deployment, and deadlines should be set for each phase to ensure the deployment is done correctly, and on-time, with minimal disruption to the business operations.


Image_AcrossDevices_860x450Phase I

Choose Goals - What efficiencies or benefits are you seeking to gain with Office 365? Your deployment will be more successful if you can articulate what you want to get out of the deployment. It will aid in decision making if your expectations are well-defined.

Phase II

Gather Information - Define exactly, what will be deployed. You will need to know how many licenses you will need, and the required capabilities for each user. How much email data must be migrated to the cloud? What are the requirements with regards to calendars, public folders, and other Exchange environment details?

Phase IIIImage_ToolsForProfessional_713x400

Prepare Environment - Ensure every end user will have the appropriate systems, tools, and training. It can be very disruptive to ask an office full of workers to embrace a new system – even when they are familiar with Microsoft Office. Make sure every end user device (PC, tablet, laptop, phone, etc.) has an operating system and browser that will work with Offi­ce 365.

Phase IV

Budget & Timetable - Understand your overall costs for the deployment and the timeframe to accomplish it. The monthly subscription costs for the Office 365 licenses are easy to understand. But it’s important to budget for the design and execution of the deployment project as well.


If you wish to migrate your Office account, Contact us to get started: (925) 277-0690


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