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The Adoption of Managed Cloud Has Taken the Technology World by Storm

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) can devise a strategy to help your business move to Cloud-based infrastructure and software can help increase the deployment speed of technologies as well as prevent many technical problems while improving IT performance and scalability.

Some companies will require their solutions to be on-premises, but most are leveraging the hybrid combination of on-premises, off-premises, cloud and non-cloud architectures. Once the migration of your business processes has occurred, our Managed Service Program, NetCentral solves the issue of the day-to-day management of IT.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) - With the Infrastructure-as-a-Service your company's IT infrastructure (or parts of it) is hosted in the cloud, providing flexibility, scalability and agility.

Data Backup - Using the power of the cloud we offer solutions that contribute to a true business continuity solution.

Private, Public or Hybrid  - The variety and flexibility of available solutions can be overwhelming at times. CCS provides our clients with knowledge and insight about which solution may be right for their organization.

Storage to Scale - Cloud storage gives your company the ability to expand rapidly providing your business the ability to scale resources when needed.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - A versatile way for users to stay connected to programs and applications from variety of locations.

Mobility - Access documents and programs offsite while providing your company the support it needs while on the go.

Capital Expenditures Versus Operating Expenditures - Spread technology costs over the course of time, eliminating the large overhead once created by technology.

Cloud Management - Regardless of the path you choose, Clare Computer Solutions has extensive experience with Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud, Office 365 and much more. Our consulting team will help you navigate which solution best fits the needs of your particular business.

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