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Clare Computer Solutions Client Success – Clare Computer Solutions and Becherer, Kannet & Schweitzer (BKS): 10 Years and Growing

Becherer, Kannet & Schweitzer (BKS Legan) is a civil litigation and trial defense firm that represents a diverse clientele. They have an excellent reputation from their long history winning case after case in state and federal courts. Achieving this kind of success requires the best people and a reliable business (and IT) infrastructure. BKS Legal has embraced technology and the vital role it plays, enabling their team to have the tools they need to serve the needs of the company and their clients every day.

Christina Spence has been the office manager at BKS for about 10 years and she is accustomed to working with companies that have a strong commitment to maintaining their IT infrastructure. Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) was already partnering with BKS when she came on board, and while she’s been able to handle user issues on the network, she understands the important role of IT managed services. Her first impression of CCS was very favorable – BKS Legal moved into new offices shortly after she started, and CCS managed the IT infrastructure relocation and was instrumental in making sure the move went smoothly.

Her next challenge was to address an overall upgrade of BKS’ network, and again CCS proved to be the ideal partner. “I knew this was going to be a major project”, said Spence “It was time to address replacing aging equipment and I felt the data backup scheme in place then was not adequate. CCS was instrumental in designing the project – they basically held my hand through the process. Over the course of two years, we completely upgraded everything, and it was a smooth and seamless transition.”

CCS is actively involved in the relationship with BKS. Their network is monitored 24 x 7 and a ticketing system ensures that all issues are addressed quickly. There is a scheduled call every week to discuss any issues that might be cropping up. They receive monthly reports on the overall “health” of their network and CCS works with them annually to plan their IT budget for the coming year.

The range of services that CCS provides for BKS Legal continues to enable BKS to focus their energies on being the excellent law firm they are instead of being concerned about their IT Infrastructure and network needs. The relationship spans over 10 years. “I view this as a true collaboration”, said Spence. “The value of our relationship with Clare Computer Solutions goes way beyond the money. I am contacted regularly by their competitors, but none have convinced me that they could be a better partner than CCS. Their people, their systems and procedures have worked for us time and time again – and continue to do so.”

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