JT2 Insurance partners with Clare Computers for IT Support

Client Success: JT2 Experiences Zero Downtime During Complex Infrastructure Project and Relocation To Data Center by Clare Computer Solutions

JT2 Integrated Resources is an insurance firm that specializes in managing Worker’s Compensation claims (“TPA”) for public and private companies, helping them to improve claims management and cost control strategies. JT2 insurance also helps clients identify areas for improvement and implements strategies to achieve those goals. JT2 is the largest Hispanic owned TPA in the United States, and is consistently ranked in the top 10% of audited TPA firms by the State of California. JT2 insurance manages some of the largest and most demanding claims programs in the state.

With this type of workload, JT2 relies on its IT infrastructure to ensure claims are handled thoroughly, quickly, and that its online client-facing tools are available, reliable and perform at an optimal level. Time, efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness are all key in JT2’s business.

A few years back, JT2’s Director of IT, JT Casas, was dissatisfied with the state of their technology. JT2 had very specific goals for their IT, and was looking for an IT provider to help achieve that vision, and so JT2 turned to Clare Computer Solutions (CCS).

“From the onset, it was obvious that CCS was accustomed to major IT initiatives”, said Casas. “We wanted to address the entire infrastructure from the foundation up and working with CCS, we were able to create a master plan to achieve our goals.”

The first phase was to move JT2’s servers into a datacenter, where power, security and bandwidth could be guaranteed at the levels JT2 required. In addition, the servers needed to be upgraded to ensure they were able to smoothly transfer data back and forth, and back data up both locally and in the cloud. The switch had to be done in a way that the clients would not see any dip in availability or service, nor could the employees’ ability to work be impacted during the process.

“CCS got the project done, with absolutely NO downtime”, Casas stated. “They had the experience, skills and capacity to plan and implement this major change, and they made it occur after hours. Now we have an infrastructure that is safe, secure, reliable and scalable.”

Other key initiatives are being handled now and Casas says he relies on CCS to quickly understand his needs and requests, and find a way to get it done without requiring a lot of high-level instruction from him. A recent request – an unusual one – for discovery of older data was a good example.

“CCS’s engineer was able to globally search the entire network for the information and provide the data for us,” said Casas. “I didn’t have to say how to do it, I just told them what we wanted, and they figured it out, quickly. This provides a lot of value for JT2.”

Clare Computer Solutions combination of expertise, experience, responsiveness and operational efficiency has proven to be the key for the type of IT support and consulting that JT2 needed. Together, they make a powerful team, and JT2, and its trusted clients, are assured quality, exceptional and timely service.

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